Developmental Pediatrician Threatened Our Homeschool…..yeaaaa

This is a REPOST from my old blog…..from a couple months back….March I think.


 We visited the developmental pediatrician today, the one who initially we visited to rule out autism, developmental delays, etc <WHICH BY THE WAY WERE ALLLLL RULED OUT….HE HAS AN AUDITORY PROCESSING DISORDER>, and he asked how ‘school’ was going.  I informed him that we decided to withdraw from public school and resume homeschooling as we had before.    He then told me, that HE would review the reports of the speech/language pathologist and the psych ed evaluations and ‘would let me know’ if I could continue to homeschool my children.  I proceeded to tell him calmly, ‘You DO know, that whether you agree with my homeschooling my children will have NO bearing whatsoever in my decision on whether or not to continue to do so right? The choice to homeschool is a RIGHT that I choose to exercise, and its my decision alone”  to which the doctor replied “Well, ultimately its about whats in the best interest of the child, and you COULD be stripped of the ‘right’ to homeschool in court you know, you could lose custody of your children even


Anyone care to weigh in?  I was taken by surprise at this physician’s attitude, and honestly quite appalled.


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