Do you think they’re learning what they should be learning?

Today, someone asked me  “Do you really think they’re learning what they SHOULD be learning?”

“Are you SURE you can teach them AS WELL as the public education system could”  “Do you really feel qualified and adequate to MEET THEIR NEEDS?”


Here is the answer short and sweet 🙂


1.  Yep they’re learning everything I teach them…..and that’s what they SHOULD be learning, I wouldn’t expect them to learn something I’m not teaching would you?


2.  Are you kidding me?  Can I teach them as well as the public education system?  Assuming this wasn’t a JOKE, I will answer this just to satisfy the question.  Let’s review shall we?

The public system teaches to a test.  The teacher is given a class, and based upon the size of said class they are ALSO given a pass/fail rate for that class for their standardized tests.  Basically, the teacher is told  NOT to EDUCATE, but in fact to load facts into the brains of children and then to teach those children the appropriate way to vomit the facts back out verbatim, or to fill in the blank on the test when given multiple choices.  There IS a difference you know.



3.  Do I feel qualified….well, yeah….DUH.  I think that considering I taught both my children to walk, talk, string words together to form sentences, write their ABCs, read, spell, math (extremely well I might add), ride bikes, identify flowers, animals, and loads more stuff…..LOADS more.  Considering I majored in education in college, and I realized even in college that the education system in our country was BEYOND FAILING…..Yeah, I’d pretty much call myself qualified.  Do I think COLLEGE prepares someone to teach?  No…it teaches one to MANAGE STUDENTS, and it teaches them to teach a child to COMPLY WITH RULES AND SOCIAL NORMS…..


4.  Who really is BETTER to meet the individual needs of my children than myself?  A teacher?  Someone who has never before met them until their first day of school, and who will never again teach them after they leave their grade level?  Someone who really has no vested interest beyond teaching my child to perform well on a test so as to protect their own jobs?  Really?   I realize that THERE ARE  teachers out there who DO CARE….but REALLY?   Really?  Do you REALLY think that a STRANGER has MORE invested in your child than YOU do?  Are THEY more invested in the outcome than YOU are?  If you REALLY believe that the stranger behind the teacher’s desk in a classroom is more qualified to meet your child’s needs than YOU are….well by all means, send them to school.



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2 responses to “Do you think they’re learning what they should be learning?

  1. I love your statement about being the best qualified teacher for your children. I also like to remind people that my students at home are learning more than reading, writing and arithmetic. We’re learning character as we spend our days together learning, loving and laughing. That’s a better education than any brick and mortar school can provide.

    Thank you for this post!

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