How Homeschooling Affects Public Schools…..Oh Wait…That’s Right…It Doesnt!

Names have been CHANGED to protect the ignorant—–oops I mean INNOCENT



1. Hurts School Diversity—Homeschooling is often done to limit outside influence such as non christian influence. Therefore, as sector of our population- (children with religious parents) is missing from the melting pot of public schools. How can children be taught to be like Jesus and love sinners if they have never seen one. Do these parents expect their children to only work with Christians after they graduate? Are these parents so unsure in their faith that they do not think they can raise a child up in the name of the Lord when faced with a little adversity? My husband and I both excepted Christ through friends and neighbors leading as teenagers (we did not come from Christian homes) and were able to keep our faith in public school without the Christian support at home. Now off my soap box and on to a helpful point.

I say:

Point 1- Jesus did not send children into the world to preach and teach he sent men of age who had already proven themselves steadfast in the faith after his resurrection when he gave The Great Commission. So therefore, I call horsefeathers on the argument that children should be sent out into the world to “minister” by “loving sinners”. If it were intended that a child should be “ministering” Proverbs would not tell us “Train Up A Child In The Way That He Should Go”….obviously, they need training first. Christ “trained” his apostles and endued them with power from on high.

Point 2-3: No, we do not expect our children to only work with Christians when they graduate. We train them, in hope and by promise; so that when they are older our children will not depart from the paths we have taught them to follow. No, we are not so “unsure of our faith” we are simply doing what the Bible has called us to do by coming out and being separate and peculiar. Adversity? We face that all the time, so that is a moot point.

POINT 4- This well taught public educator misspelled accepted. OH THE IRONY 🙂

2 ignorant oops I meant innocent mothers say

2. Parent Involvement—If involved parents are homeschooling, where are the parents to volunteer in public schools. Who is chaperoning school trips and dances?


I’m sorry, but this really blows my mind. Not all “involved” parents are homeschooling, this is a ridiculous statement. Also, if all of these parents who send their children to public school and ridicule homeschooling because “involved parents are homeschooling” would GET INVOLVED, well…..that problem would be solved now wouldn’t it. I pay my taxes; I still contribute albeit unwillingly to the cesspool that is the public school system.

2 ignorant oops I mean innocent mothers say

3. Money for schools— School’s are issued funding based on the number of students in attendance if suddenly 100 students leave and are homeschooled that is about 4000 per student lost. 400,000 will not go to the new textbooks, updated auditorium or funds for athletics; however, in some states, homeschoolers can still take advantage of gym, art, sports, and even graduation at the local school.

First of all, the math is slightly off here; per pupil funding is slightly greater than this in my state. Secondly, that funding perhaps should go to all those things listed but it doesn’t. Schools are eligible for grant monies from the federal government (outside our tax contributions); Title I Funding is one of those grants. Also, any student that attends a public school for any length of time during the course of a school day for education purposes brings additional funding into that school by way of being considered at least a “part time pupil”. As for access to school functions/sports etc., I pay my taxes therefore access to anything the public education system has to offer ought to well be available to me!

So in summary, homeschooling does not in fact affect public education in any way. What homeschooling does do is create a rising generation of intelligent, thinking children. It brings forth a generation that will know more than how to simply regurgitate information and fill in blanks on worksheets. So any of the “well taught public school products” who would like to, I challenge you to pick out all of the grammatical errors in this blog post, I already have :), and identify