Lego My Kiddo!

I snapped this at VA Beach Last Week 🙂

Yes it is true, I am one of those moms!!  You know, the kind that never allowed Legos because they end up scattered all around the floor and stabbing the soles of my feet.  I also HATED coloring b/c I could NOT stand to watch them color things the wrong color!!  Hahahahahaha I know right!!?  So as a therapeutic measure for Grayson (and myself), I bought a Lego model kit for him for easter (it’s a great way to reenforce following step by step directions, as well as build confidence and sense of self esteem), and so far he loves them and thinks I am like the worst mom ever for not having allowed him to play with them all along LOL.  Also, as a therapeutic measure, I have been coloring and allowing them to color things the WRONG color on purpose hahaha I know this sounds crazy right!  The thing is, Grayson needs structure but he ALSO needs “unstructured structure” if there is such a concept.  He needs order to his day, but he doesn’t need to be SO structured that he is a miniature adult.

Snapped this while walking along Virginia Beach Shoreline with the kiddos


Here are my TIPS O’ THE DAY 🙂


Lego My Kiddo!  Buy age appropriate Lego models and allow the child to follow the step by step directions INDEPENDENTLY to build it 🙂  THEN allow the child to MODIFY it creatively to transform it into new and cooler models :p  I know, NOVEL idea right!


Play Pictionary!  It will build vocabulary, creativity and processing time!


Color!  Allow room for creativity but ALSO do structured coloring pages such as color by number or letter :p  This will reinforce following directions as well as ATTENTION TO DETAIL


Reading Suggestions for your SON:  Encyclopedia Brown Series, Diary of A Wimpy Kid, and Harry Potter

Reading Suggestions for your DAUGHTER:  Biscuit, The Saddle Club, and The Little House Series by Laura Ingalls Wildar


Each day take time to read OUT LOUD to your children, something like  Adventures of Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn, The Little House Series, Swiss Family Robinson, or something of the like.  This will build LISTENING COMPREHENSION 🙂


Handwriting:  Get them started JOURNALING! and DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GRAMMAR, SPELLING OR PUNCTUATION in the journal (you’ll be teaching this separately).  Allow them to be creative and unhindered, if a child is so worried about capitalizing, punctuation and spelling then his/her creative mind will be boggled by worry.


NARRATION:  This is the BEST part!  Allow your child to dictate creative stories TO you while you type or write them down.  Ask your child to RETELL stories just read to them,  Ask your child to narrate a NON Fiction story or report about an animal (this will build concept of fiction/nonfiction), while you type/write it down.


Grammar:  In 15 to 20 minute increments, begin with teaching capitalization and punctuation!  Really, you don’t need to spend all day hounding a kid….just take a few and review!  Practice a few and review!


Science:  Just STUDY NATURE 🙂 well for a while, until 4th or 5th grade.  Interest led learning will create a hunger for learning MORE.


Grayson and Brookelynn studying a coral reef at VIRGINIA AQUARIUM AND MARINE SCIENCE CENTER

History:  Keep it REAL guys, visit historical places!  Start in the place where you live visiting historical places and work your way out!  I don’t trot the globe with my children, but we visit everywhere within reason (a 16 hour drive)….and what I can’t get them to right now, I bring to them through videos, internet, stories and photographs.  One day, they will be ready to travel more extensively but for now they’re just little :p


Math :  I think if you’re an adult you probably already have a general idea that you just start with numbers and their meanings and then work through addition/subtraction, into regrouping, and then onto fractions, multiplying, dividing, measurements etc….you got this, I believe in you!


Look into Charlotte Mason’s theories, visit, read A Charlotte Mason Companion, and For the Children’s Sake.   Just google  CHARLOTTE MASON, and you’ll get loads of info!!!


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