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Today is bright and sunny here in Southwest Virginia!  Birds are chirping and flying around, flowers which only a few weeks ago were hidden are starting to pop up, and I noticed the dead woody looking hydrangea has become wick and has green buds on its stems where soon leaves will grow!


We arrived home yesterday from our trip to America’s Best Cheer and Dance Competition in Gatlinburg, TN.  My daughter is on a competitive cheer squad, they placed 3rd! This was a national competition!  Monday and Tuesday, we stayed behind in Knoxville, TN to visit the psycho educational expert who was doing psych ed evaluations on Grayson.  While we were visiting her, she informed me that his IQ seemed average, he isn’t a slow learner, he is actually very sharp especially in mathematics.  The problem of course lies in language processing, and upon reading the reports from speech pathology she concurs that C.A.P.D is absolutely the most likely culprit of all Grayson’s learning difficulties.  She further explained that in HER opinion, the most wise decision we have made thus far was to remove him from public school and homeschool him.  Her reasoning was, that in a classroom environment with all of its background noises Grayson really would not have been able to thrive academically.  She also made a few recommendations towards methods and curriculum which I am SO EXCITED to try!


One of the methods for math, which is only to increase speed of calculation she called TOUCH MATH.

Grayson is very gifted in mathematics, but he is slow and easy he likes to be certain he gets the answer correct.  Generally speaking if it takes the average kids 15 minutes to complete an assignment then it will take Grayson 20 minutes because he HATES to miscalculate.  So I am excited to try this!


Verse of the day:

1 Peter 5:10


And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

That is a COMFORTING verse….maybe one of THE most comforting verses I have ever read 🙂  God may allow us to be tried and to suffer for just a little while, but HE HIMSELF will RESTORE, CONFIRM, STRENGTHEN, AND ESTABLISH us!  They hit the nail on the head when they called him the ‘God of all grace’


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