The Beginning of our Journey

Mark (dh), has made a decision! We will be EXITING Whale Motel aka the public education system beginning TODAY.  Years ago, long before children or even Mark I received that call to homeschooling.  Over time through opposition and learning difficulties with Grayson, I allowed life and others opinions to muddy the waters and thus allowed room for doubt to enter in.  This year, we enrolled the children into public ed system in November and by January they recognized the learning issues I have long dealt with and we made the decision to seek independent evaluation instead of school system provided evaluation for Grayson.  Now we have a name for the issue, Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).  Many visits to specialists later,  after lots of prayer, much opposition from family members and ultimately overcoming our own self doubts, we have decided to pull them and come home where we FIRST were called.


I feel like Abraham must have felt as he approached Shechem again for that second time! After our trip away from that ‘first place’ and out into ‘Egypt’ we have finally set our direction towards home, towards that FIRST place….to the place we FIRST were called to educate our children. With anxious, excited, giddy, and uplifted hearts we reached our destination today!! Months of disenchantment, discouragement, and disheartening situations…..a literal spiritual famine, has ENDED today.  The fasting is over and FEAST has begun!


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