You’re So Awesome, Even Your Name Is Awesome

Tonight was the annual date night for married couples in our church. Mike Jackson, the guest speaker, delivered a terrific message to all married couples from the Song of Songs. Solomon’s “girl” said his name, was like “ointment poured forth”. His name alone was important to her, beyond riches, or fame or wisdom, his name alone was ointment to her. His reply, “I have compared thee, O my love, to a company of horses in Pharaoh’s chariots“. Yep, she said he was so awesome even his name was awesome to her, and his reply : You’re like a horse.


It’s a good thing Mike was “studied up” for this one, because he quickly followed explaining that Egyptians were well known for their horses and chariots, it was known though that at a certain time of year you could go out to the fields and to attempt to harness the power of a horse, but it would be totally distracted by the fillies. His point, a man should be so distracted by his wife that nothing else matters. He should be so distracted by her presence, that if she walks into a room he can no longer focus on anything but her. Sounds romantic right?! He did an awesome job!


Follow that up with a nice round of find your wife’s shoes while you’re blind folded with a ladies scarf, and there ya have it! A good ‘ol time!


How does this relate to homeschooling? Quite simply put, if you do not have a strong marriage, and you aren’t taking time to “date one another” then very quickly you will find your “home” isn’t fit to school in. Take time to make sure he knows his name is ointment to you, and guys don’t forget to make sure she knows you think she’s as good as a company of horses in Pharaoh’s chariots :p


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