Thorns in the side and “But Lords”–Continuing….with my “prayer” this morning :)

I have a long prayer list…including Baby Dean Sturgill of course, and my friend and her son, he was admitted with dysrhythmia to the hospital the other night…..and of course we homeschool our children so there is ALWAYS that thorn in the side…and then of course there are so many other “issues” with family and our friends who suffer and the list seems endless.

I find that I really do “pray without ceasing”….and that even at times becomes a thorn in and of itself…..simply because, and you”ll understand this….the BURDEN of carrying the weight of knowing there is someone in need of prayer is so great.

This morning, I had a serious case of the “but Lord”s. But Lord…you said you would never leave us, never forsake us. But Lord you said you worked all things to our good. But Lord you said….But Lord you said…..But Lord….But Lord….But Lord…..the list went ON AND ON of my “But Lord”s.

Now I’m not the kinda person who gets on the prayer phone and hangs up as soon as Im finished making my “needs” known….sometimes of course Im sure I do….but on days like today…I hang on and press on because I can ALMOST FEEL the victory just around the bend and I’m afraid to get up and leave before I get it……

Today….God dropped something into my spirit that literally rolled me over and gave me a good belly laugh [:)] .

In all of the times God revealed himself by a name….Jehovah Rapha…Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Rapheka, El Shaddai, El Olam, ELOHIM, etc etc etc…….NEVER ONCE did HE call HIMSELF…..”BUT LORD”.

I had myself a good heehaw over the fact that I had been speaking to my Lord and CALLING HIM BY THE WRONG NAME….and then it hit me……I need to RESPECT and HONOR him enough to CALL HIM BY HIS NAME in a reverent way…..after all….if I am speaking to YOU ….I dont call you FRED now do I ? I call you BY YOUR NAME…..I ACKNOWLEDGE that I KNOW YOU…..I know your name and I call you by it…..Now…consider how much MORE personally we know the Lord….We are in a close relationship with HIM…..We certainly ought to know him well enough to call him by his NAME…..and HIS NAME is NOT “But Lord”.

It dropped into my spirit then….that when I honored my relationship with HIM enough to speak to HIM as if I actually KNEW HIM….and CALL HIM BY HIS REAL NAME…….he would answer. I had a bad case of the “Martha”s….(marys sister)….my prayer time had turned into a long list of ” But Lord….” and complaining….When Jesus taught us to pray….he taught us to begin by FIRST acknowledging God…who HE IS…and WHAT HIS POSITION is over us…….and SOMEHOW…. “But Lord..” just doesn’t seem to fit that now does it?

I’ve had myself a hootin hollerin good time in the Lord today….reminding MYSELF….that I do in fact KNOW him….and I know him WELL ENOUGH to go directly to him and CALL HIM BY HIS NAME….whether its Abba Father…or El Shaddai, or Alpha and Omega, Elohim, Jehovah, or even if its just Father God……but I certainly learned a lesson….I know now FOR SURE…that HIS NAME is NOT “But Lord”.


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