A Homeschool Mentor

Don’t you wish that when you began this journey there had been someone ahead of you on this path?  Don’t you wish, that when you were in homeschool “hell”, there had been someone that could’ve said definitively “oh honey…I HAVE BEEN THERE, but believe me this will pass”?  Don’t you wish, that there was someone who really did understand exactly what you meant when you couldn’t find the words to describe the frustration of teaching a child to read who was struggling to learn?”  Well, I am that mom.  I’ve been there, and I can say assuredly  this too shall pass.  I have a very gifted 6 year old, who  is a “homeschool dream”, I also have a dyslexic, auditory processing disordered 9 year old who was very nearly the “homeschool death” of me.  I really do understand.

I know the joy of seeing your little girl doing multiplication at 5, and the pain of seeing your 9 year old struggle to read.  I understand!  I know the “whale motel” side of things…..I ran from the calling to homeschool.  I know the “schechem” side of things from when I returned to that “first place”.  I really do understand!  There aren’t alot of homeschool experiences I have failed to have, so let me assure you…..this mom feels your pain!  I feel compelled to throw these things out into the spotlight, even though I’m sure there will be flaming darts sent my way because I am publicly admitting that I have succeeded many times, and yet still I fail daily.   This is just the kind of admission the “anti-homeschooler” would love to read, and yet…I really could care less.   Why?  Because somewhere out there, there is a mother who is homeschooling and she is seriously considering giving up.  She thinks she’s failed, she know’s she’s hindering her child and not helping, she’s hurting and she’s tired.  I have a reminder for you homeschool sister…..Jesus said

come to me all you who are burdened and heavy laden, and I will give you rest”  Matthew 11:28

Cast your care’s upon him for he cares for you….and don’t ever forget, when he called you—-he already knew every step it would take to get across this desert terrain, and he planted every well along the way in exactly the right place so that just as you feel overcome….there is a refreshing place to rest.  He’s got this all working together, refining and perfecting you.  Don’t be discouraged, be encouraged….you’re never alone.



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9 responses to “A Homeschool Mentor

  1. Very kind and supportive words. I’m really enjoying homeschooling so far but then again, my expectations are low. This doesn’t sound good but what I mean is that I started homeschooling in a very unusual way. It seems, from what I’ve read, most homeschoolers start out with big plans, a more ‘school at home’ mentality, find it all very hard and then slide a bit into what they feel is a more comfortable and yet wonderfully productive groover.

    I have been so l lucky to have found this groove straight away. I am happy for my kids just to learn, something, everyday, not necessarily anything particular. Yes, I have something in mind to introduce them to everyday, presently a lot of art history/appreciation because of our upcoming European trip and also some ancient history for the same reason, but if Edward (in particular) wants to learn something else, like, I don’t know, something about the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) I would happily do this instead. I don’t think these things are on any specific Year 2/Grade 2 curriculum but I think it’s all material for a quality education.

    It’s a lot easier for me I think than some beginning homeschoolers because I have released any expectations of my kids ever having to do exams until and unless they want to/have to for University level higher education. Some others feel they want to ‘keep their options’ open and that means they have to be more rigid.

    HOWEVER, I too have doubts I’m doing things right/well enough. For any caring parent, it’s natural. And the more challenging your kid/s, for whatever the reason, the more scary the journey.

    So well done you and thank you for these kind words!!

  2. I’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Award!! Thanks for bringing sunshine my way! http://futureflyingsaucers.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/please-celebrate-with-me/

  3. What beautiful encouragement this is to me. So many times I very much have doubted my efforts and lacked confidence in what I do… It is always nice to hear other moms do face the same challenge at times. I know that no one ever said it would be easy! Thank you for giving encouragement on these very real situations!

    • Sorry it took so long to reply 🙂 I’ve been everso busy busy busy! Summer is a time of sowing and careful “gardening” at our house as we spend all summer long at various vacation bible schools and sports and other activities in prep for the school year when we limit them 🙂 I just popped a new post up 🙂 u might enjoy!

  4. I just found this post today and it spoke to me loud and clear. Not because I have any doubts about home educating but just because I am far too busy at the moment and completely exhausted, so the words from Matthew, and also your last paragraph, are exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for a wonderful post!

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