If you’re going to homeschool….you need to strive for an unoffendable heart

Brookelynn:  “I guess we didn’t accomplish anything, huh mommy?”

What do you say to that?  How do you answer a child who is hurt?

Today, our church recognized the accomplishments of students who were moving from one grade to another.  They recognized them for their academic excellence, their sports accomplishments, and their community service awards given to them by the schools they attend.  As they filed the children in from children’s church and seated my children with me, Brookelynn said “I guess we didn’t accomplish anything, huh mommy?” with a look of hurt on her face.

I suppose I should warn you homeschool moms out there who may be new to the game…..when you’re going against the “norm”, you should prepare your heart for days like these.  I can tell you, because I’ve lived long enough and homeschooled long enough (5 years) to know, your heart will be broken for your children many times because you’ve chosen to take the alternate route and not public or privately school them.  Early on, it wasn’t something I considered because I didn’t think my children would notice. The sad fact is, as they have grown in knowledge and understanding, they have become aware of the difference made between themselves and their publicly or privately schooled counterparts.  So what’s a homeschool mom to do?

My “quick” answer is, tell your children that they are really very accomplished.  Explain to them that although they do not attend a public prison, oops i meant SCHOOL, they are still equally accomplished and likely even more accomplished academically and athletically than those in public schools but unfortunately the “world” doesn’t recognize this because you’ve decided not to conform to the world.   Then, use this as a lesson to teach them the value of posessing an unoffendable heart.  


to be continued…….



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9 responses to “If you’re going to homeschool….you need to strive for an unoffendable heart

  1. I’m sure, however….when I was handed the form it asked for the name of the school they attended and the names of the academic awards etc…..can’t really give out academic awards to a class of 1 huh? LOL they would of course have had every academic award…and that would’ve been kinda “braggy”….the point kinda is…it just isn’t church….it’s everywhere, and you should prepare your heart now to be unoffendable because- your child will not be allowed to play VHSL sports…..they won’t be allowed to “graduate” with the rest of the class…..there is no “prom” really unless theyre invited by a PS counterpart…..there are alot of milestones you voluntarily forfeit in order to follow this calling- its kinda like being a missionary 🙂

  2. btw Teresa 🙂 You really need to start a blog and call it….. Chasten and Eloise at The Plaza 🙂 hahahah love you!

  3. Well…allllll homeschool mommies MUST blog :p You should bring it to WORDPRESS.COM if you’re not already a wordpress blogger 🙂 it’s free…and you can change the name to Chasten and Eloise at the Plaza LOL :p I am going to buy that series of books for you when get to Books A Million again.

  4. After many years of homeschooling we’ve run into a few of these situations (the big yellow bus being the first – but we fixed that! 😉 ) This year however, it dawned on me that the first-born would be missing out on Prom next year. There are HS groups that hold these and graduations, but when I asked him if he wanted to go, he just shrugged and said “Why?” I’m not sure if our kids are really “missing out”, I think they just have a better perspective on what’s really important. Awards and ceremonies come and go, but a good education and quality time spent with loving parents will truly change their lives. It’s tough for her to understand now, but as she get’s older she’ll get that!

  5. That is so sad, and especially that this happened in church, the question “What would Jesus do?” springs to mind….I’m sure those in charge of the awards did not deliberately exclude your child, but it was very thoughtless.

    • It wasn’t at all intentional it was a careless mistake……and honestly I could’ve filled out the form but there was no school to award them anything since they’re homeschooled so…..yea….I would’ve felt strange about it haha I can only imagine how it would’ve come across for them to receive a math award and science award etc and then at the end have it said “they’re homeschooled” I’m sure no one would’ve said anything out loud but….I mean the thought would definitely have crossed the mind “of course they’re awarded…..they’re a class of 1…and their mother is their teacher…” LOL

  6. Haha, well you could say that is one of the advantages of home ed, you win all the awards;-)

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