Truth Is….

Do you notice these on your facebook newsfeed as often as I notice them on mine? It’s the new thing….quite frankly I wonder if any of these people have ever heard the truth before. Since I am doubting that 98% of them have, I’m going to share a little TRUTH with you here on my own little blog (aka soapbox). Be ready though, because the TRUTH often hurts. I’ll start with some cushy little truths that most of you will be comfortable with, but by the time I am finished rest assured you will either A.) HATE ME or B.) RESPECT ME.


Truth Is…..


The TRUTH (Jesus) is coming….and he will speak a truth that no man can deny! Every tongue will confess (the truth) and every knee will bow. #BEREADY4TRUTH


The TRUTH is…the BIBLE says BE KIND…it did NOT say BE NICE…there IS a difference. Kindness is based upon good will, Niceness is based upon being agreeable. Kindness speaks truth because it loves, Niceness tickles ears because it doesn’t want to hurt feelings. Kindness walks, Niceness only talks. #BeKIND4getBeingNice


The TRUTH is….God is a JUST God…he looks not upon our ACTS but upon our HEARTS. His perspective is NOT based upon what a “good” person we are…our goodness is but as filthy rags in his sight. His word states directly that there is but ONE way to him and that is through his son Jesus. So being good is fine…but having JESUS is paramount! #GoodPeopleDOgoToHell


The TRUTH is….People do NOT become angels when they die(sorry…but they dont…angels cannot be people…and people cannot ever be angels).


The TRUTH is… can’t preach someone into Heaven….its funny how everybody is a saint after they die. #LetYourTESTIMONYSpeakJesus


The TRUTH is….God speaks DIRECTLY AGAINST some things…HE CALLS THEM WRONG…Therefore I too can call them wrong and this is NOT hating. #TakeItUpWithTheAuthor


The TRUTH is….Buying a chicken sandwich isn’t going to change the world! #GoVOTEgetObamaOUTofOFFICE


The TRUTH is….I really don’t care if you like the truth or not… The TRUTH will stand when the WORLD is on fire#I’llSpeakItAnyway







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2 responses to “Truth Is….

  1. I would add, just because you put up a sign that says your thoughts and sign it -God, doesn’t mean the words came from God. If you are not quoting God’s word from the Bible, you cannot accuarately attribute those words to Him. Great post.

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