I need a LATITUDE adjustment….

I need a “latitude” adjustment….my attitude is headed south in a HURRY~!  Why is that you ask?  Because my 9 year old son (dyslexic,add but not adHd) is driving me BONKERS!!!!!!  I think we may have gone over latitude and longitude, ohhhhhh 5 THOUSAND times in the past 2 days.   He can’t even retain water let alone a lesson!  Sheeeeeeeeeeesh, and we’ve done so well in the past……Guess this means another BREAKTHROUGH is around the bend!  Why? Because anytime there’s been a breakthrough in this house it has only came after MANY challenges <3.

What do YOU do when you’re up against the wall and ready to just hang the kids up by their ears on the ceiling fan and flip it onto high?


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One response to “I need a LATITUDE adjustment….

  1. Hitting the wall time around here means it’s time to go to the beach and remember what we enjoy about each other! And you’re right, the breakthrough is probably on its way… if you can just avoid throwing the book across the room ONE more time…

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