Pollyanna Syndrome

Do you think the world suffers from Pollyanna Syndrome?  Do you believe that so much effort has been put forth into teaching what a loving and

merciful God we serve that people have forgotten he is also JUST, RIGHTEOUS, AND SERIOUS ABOUT HELL??

Answer in your comment 🙂 THANKS!



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2 responses to “Pollyanna Syndrome

  1. No! I think they have refused to believe that He exists at all. With no God to respect, there are no rules that need to upheld. The world is quickly and efficiently becoming amoral.

  2. twisteddomesticgoddess

    I think there needs to be a balance for God is all things. I also think people spend too much time judging others instead of leaving the judgment up to our Father. As our own person we need to worry and think about how God would see us.

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