House of Bread….House of War

Bethlehem in Judah….yes you know all about this little place I am sure!  At the very least, you know the MOST important fact about it!  That is exactly right, Jesus was born there. 


Did you know, that Bethlehem in Hebrew means house of bread?  Seems very fitting to me!  Jesus was the bread of life…..the most important bread that Bethlehem ever produced.  The meaning of the name Judah is praise/to praise/praised.  So what we are saying when we say Bethlehem in Judah is essentially :  House of Bread in Praise.


There is a double meaning though, to Bethlehem that is.  Bethlehem also means “to war/house of war”.  This also seems very fitting to me!!!  The House of Bread/House of War…is where the bread of life was born to do spiritual warfare and defeat Satan once and for all!   Are you with me??


Thank you Lord!!!




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