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Vision and Purpose

After reading my last blog entry I see you over there…..making that list , you may be inclined to believe that I am so very “unschoolish” but let me assure you I do have a vision and a purpose although I do not plan.


Proverbs 29:18 tells us  Where there is no vision the people shall perish, but he that keeps the law is happy.


I do not need plans in order to have a vision and purpose, my vision is a long-term one not focused on the here and now, my purpose is neatly intertwined with my vision and the two are inseparable.  What is my vision?  What does a homeschool vision look like?  What is my purpose? How do these things affect the way our homeschool runs?


My vision involves great educational activities, stimulating conversations about spiritual topics around the dinner table, outdoor excursions that involve spontaneous learning, and great field-trips.  I suppose in a word my vision for home education could be described as experiential.  My purpose, which is so intertwined into this vision, to raise mature Christians who possess a life long love of learning.  My highest achievement will not be when my children graduate homeschool, college, or post graduate degrees, it will be when they grow into spiritually mature, sound minded, well rounded adults who with their own families move forward.


If I could have but only one more prayer answered, it would be that my children would grow in Christ always.  I do not pray fervently that they will be great scholars, sure that would be nice, nor that they would gain high titles and great wealth, though these are all wonderful, they are not nearly as important.  My vision and purpose in our homeschool are things I pray fervently over, after all without prayer they would be futile.


Have you taken time aside to consider your own vision and purpose for your homeschool?  Have you considered your own educational philosophy?  I am not saying to go make plans, I am simply encouraging you to take time out to gather your ideas and create a clear vision and purpose.  The reason this is so vitally important is so on those rough days, those days when you feel like your failing, the days when you feel like you cannot take one more step, those days when the yellow bus rolls by and you think guiltily about shipping your kids off on it, on those days you can go back and refresh yourself with that vision and purpose.  Having these, will keep in perspective that it is not about today, tomorrow, this year, or even next year, its about the outcome at the end of the journey.  Consider it like the 14 hour road trip to disney, sure you might get a flat along the way, you will definitely have to stop and refuel, you may have bumps in the road, and even some long waits in construction, but at the end was Disney World and when you arrived the trouble to get there was well worth it.  You didn’t start out on that roadtrip with no purpose and no vision, you clearly set a purpose to go to Disney and a vision of what it would be like when you arrived there.  Your homeschool is so much more important, so be sure you take time now if you haven’t already to consider your vision and purpose for i



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