A Renewal

So, I’m renewing my commitment to you my readers, in the last year I’ve failed to write as often or as purposefully as I should have. Sometimes, as you know, life gets in the way of even the most well planned intentions. This year though my children will also blog, I am in the process of creating them right now in fact,

A child blog!!?? How unnecessary right? Well, I suppose it is however I think this may encourage their creative writing, increase their technology skills and also build their confidence. When this blog is finished, I will post a link so that those of you who follow me can also follow along with them if you wish! Remember they are young so they’re not going to be weighing in on world politics etc, it will be light and will be likely dull to begin with as they start to learn to use more detailed writing.

Homeschool moms out there, think about it! This might be a great idea for your own child. If you aren’t comfy with the idea of the world having access to your child’s blog, there is always
“kidblog” app and website. Growing up quickly!!



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3 responses to “A Renewal

  1. I don’t find the idea ridiculous. My oldest daughter currently has one and she is on it a little every afternoon. Should the others express an interest, one will be made for them as well.
    Great post!

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