Where your treasure is….

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

If you came into my home it would be very obvious where the bulk of my “treasure” goes. No, I don’t indulge in boat loads of toys for my children. I drive a nice vehicle but I don’t own a “status vehicle”, while I live in a beautiful home I don’t live in a home as “upscale” as it could be if I had invested more into it……No, If you walked through the door of my ranch style brick home what you’d find is books, homeschool materials, bibles laying in various places, large crucifixes, lots of rosaries, some treasured antiques from our grandparents, family photos on our family altar, and as my husband would say “more pencils, pens, crayons, and markers than all the kids in China could use”

I guess it could come across that my treasure is “homeschool materials”, but that isn’t really it. No, not at all….my pearls of great price are the two children who USE those homeschool materials.

This year the bulk of my “treasure” will go to buying classes on currclick, hopefully this goes well and if it doesn’t I will definitely be blogging about it haha.





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7 responses to “Where your treasure is….

  1. I like the way you say it.
    Our treasure is where our heart is. As mothers, we treasure our kids, teach them and love them in so many ways. I miss those times when there were pencils and books and drawings everywhere in the house.

  2. The books and materials definitely show that your children are your treasure! Thank you for the uplifting post!

  3. Wonderful post! Is this your first year homeschooling? It is mine. Exciting and scary!

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