I’m a rebel….and maybe a hippy

I think I am a rebel, not the kind that goes around shooting people or anything though. I’m the kind that just never did like rules and regulations, if I could find a loophole then baby I was SET. I possibly missed my calling and should’ve been a lawyer because I’m pretty good at persuasive speaking, extemporaneous speaking (aka the art of BS), and also I have the whole “those rules don’t apply to me” thing going on…..kinda, but not in that “I’m above the law” way.

I am above the law…kinda…well at least I sit on his lap often and stand over him, reading over his shoulder quite often….maybe I should elaborate, I am MARRIED to “the law” or at least one of its enforcers haha. Even he says I have the whole “those rules don’t apply to me” thing going on. Not because I’m a brat, but because I just genuinely think that there’s a way around most everything that I don’t like. I don’t like public education for example…so I homeschool…that’s a good example . I don’t like to do laundry or dishes, so I outsource that (hey the kids need some home ec instruction don’t you dare judge me!).

I might be a hippy too, I did after all breast feed both my kids for just over 2 years each (tandem for a cpl mos)….not the kind of hippy that smokes weed and lives in a commune….just the kind that as my husband would say “likes her food flown over on the backs of an endangered species of baby doves”. Also known as, All organic, gluten free and NON GMO thankyouverymuch.

Maybe that’s why I don’t fit into the mold of these homeschoolers around here….I like my britches, I LOVE me some makeup, I like my hair big (closer to Jesus the ya know), and I don’t pretend I’m perfect. I don’t have the whole “hooked up to the Valium IV” aura about myself like certain people who have 19 children and are still counting and whose last name might rhyme with…luggar( which by the way… i have 2 and I’m good…). I just don’t….I don’t fit. Oh and I cut my hair but not to short because my gosh I wanna be stylish , I AM after all just 30. I also do a whole host of other things that don’t “fit” with most of these local hs moms like dye my hair…..and I don’t mean like the one monotone color, no honey when I get my hair done I go for the gold baby…I get at LEAST three colors weaved through so as to give it the most natural looking multidimensional highlighted color that one can possibly get….from a bottle. I’m not saying ALL the hs moms here are of the weird unsocialized variety, there are the stray Avon and Mary Kay representative homeschool mamas who DO wear makeup (with their blue jean skirts and tennis shoes) I’m just saying if we gathered up all the homeschoolers in my area into one room and say there were 500 of them……well then 430 are the kind who DON’T do all those rebel and hippy like things that I do….and out of that 430 probably 429 wouldn’t speak a word to me because I don’t “fit”……I mean my goodness…you’d think I was Jezebel (and my hair is NOT red thank you it is in fact the most splendid color medium neutral brown, sand, and cafe au lait, with blond highlights thankyouverymuch) .

Now, if you’ll just excuse me while I go wash off all this war paint and hit the hay. A girls gotta get up awful early in the morning to slap on as many coats as I do and still come out looking natural.



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