We just don’t think you’re capable….

This morning as I typed my ” being made perfect” blog post, a friend sent me a private message.

She is local to me, this is someone who is part of our homeschool co op. This is her first year homeschooling, so naturally she was panicked when the following transpired.

The local middle school guidance counselor, we’ll call her Mrs. Malyer, had made contact with the local truancy officer who we will call…Mrs. Sullins. Mrs Malyer had voiced concern that this child was being homeschooled, she didn’t “feel” that the mother was capable of providing an adequate education for the child at home and felt that homeschool was not a “good fit” for the child. At this point then a third person became involved from the central boe saying that the parent had not provided an outline of the curriculum. Take note here…..there are THREE people here now who are “concerned” that the parent is homeschooling…..so what happens??

Truancy officer calls mom. Talk about intimidation!!! These three CONSPIRED to intimidate this mother. They made a point to have the truancy officer call her home and intimidate her by suggesting that she was incapable, and that homeschool they felt was not a good fit for her child.

ALL homeschooling moms have this fear of being inadequate…and these three people played right off it!!! I am stark raving mad over this.

In case you aren’t aware, because of the provision in the 10th amendment that all things not directly outlined as being regulated by the government are then to be governed by the people, we are PROTECTED constitutionally. There is no mention anywhere in the constitution regarding education and thus, those decisions are left strictly to the people.

IF EVER you find yourself being intimidated by the idiots of the public sector, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call the HSLDA. Make SURE you have the names of the officials involved and report them. SEND A MESSAGE…..SEND THE MESSAGE THAT WE WON’T BACK DOWN.

I wish they’d call me….I have a reply…

Oh you don’t feel I’m adequate? Well I don’t feel you are adequate to provide for the safety or education for the 4+ thousand students in your school system says the AYP you haven’t met in 5 years…..not only that honey but I don’t think you’re capable of backing up your allegation that I’m incapable and by the way babe you just violated my civil rights so standby for a call from my lawyer and the aclu.




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7 responses to “We just don’t think you’re capable….

  1. I am just happy to hear that all moms think they are inadequate. I thought I was the only one!

  2. I wish this mommy the best; getting a call like that would unnerve anyone. I hope she is already registered with HSLDA and that she gave them a call immediately afterwards. My prayers reach out on her behalf.
    Great advice; those people need a good taking down a peg. The nerve!

  3. It’s so true! We all feel this way at one point or another (or more). I’m glad you were there for support, not everyone has that, but needs it. And I hope she is able to gain her own voice and tell them where they can go the next time they doubt her abilities!

  4. Well I think you are right and also wrong. The federal government has limited powers to be sure (although they are taking over more and more every day), but education was always intended to be governed at the state level – which it is. Please understand, I am completely on the same page with you about government needing to respect parental rights especially in the realm of homeschooling. But, we live in a republic, with freedom of movement among the “fifty laboratories in democracy”. So, it is incumbent upon us, as citizens of this republic, to vote with our feet and choose to live in a state that supports freedom from tyrannical government and, especially, parental rights. There are several sites dedicated to helping people relocate to states that support freedom, like walkingtofreedom.com and freestateproject.org.

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