Christmas…’ll be upon us before you know it!!

So… kids already own laptops, kindle fire hd s, and Xbox kinect……they’re 10&8 and I’m 30.
I’m no longer “cool” or “in touch” so some cool mama out there who reads me Please PLEASE start tossing ideas my way. Last year we bought them kindle fire hd each and took them on a cruise.
This year…I’m totally LOST and I actually think I want to skip buying anything at all and take a HUGE trip…..but then there’s “nothing to show” later. My kids aren’t very materialistic, they rarely ask for ANYTHING and generally when they do its simple something like….a hula hoop or a new bike when they’ve outgrown the previous one……so HELLLLLLP!!! Mama needs to prepare and come up with an idea to start putting away money for.

Ok cool mom, lets see your ideas!!!



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14 responses to “Christmas…’ll be upon us before you know it!!

  1. Well, I am 35 so that makes me 5 years ahead of you on the uncool scale, lol! If you come up with any ideas please shoot them my way šŸ™‚

  2. I actually like your trip idea. Time with you (not working on school) might be the best gift. Cool toys come and go. But the memories of a quality trip (and it doesn’t have to be expensive) can last a very long time.

  3. Um; wow!
    Hmm… perhaps do a Google search for kid gadgets or get them gift cards to download music, books, or other items for their Kindle?
    As for nothing to “show for it”; sometimes the memories are worth more than an item. We are planning on doing something like this for our kids at Christmas; we are getting them passes to a particular location. A year of fun and memories will be worth more to them than a toy they might not ever remember.
    Hope some of this helps. I’m sure you’ll come up with something spectacular!

  4. Mel

    I like the huge holiday idea. Ask your kids where they would love to go. Or even a 3 day trip if a long holiday is not possible? It’s getting that way with my kids now they are all around teenage years, they are hard to buy for šŸ™‚

  5. You’re only 30! You’re definitely still cool! I’m 29 and I still feel like a kid. How about getting them some new and fun new crafting supplies like leaves, rocks, glue, tiles, pain, canvas, brushes, clay, etc. All kids love to create!

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