Things That Go Bump In The Night……

In our house, things OFTEN go BUMP in the night!

What are these things that go bump in the night?

 Oh, just my sleep talking/sleep walking 8 year old daughter.  That blank stare she has going when shes doing this really is quite freaky!  She’s been sleeptalking/sleepwalking for oh gosh going on 4 years now.  We actually have ADT, so she at least cannot go OUTSIDE the house without an alarm going off.

The other things that go “bump” in the night in my house?  Oh the ice maker…..the dishwasher….the washing machine (H E machines are quite noisy),  oh and the books that are being read by the children (as they fall from their hands as they sleep).

Tonight, my 10 year old son also went “bump” in the night when he bounded from his bed declaring that there was SOMETHING in his room.  That “something” in his room is not a common occurrence for him, so I took notice.

You see, this weekend we visited a historic site and the ladies there told a little ghost story.  It wasn’t the “rawhead and bloodybones” kind of ghost story, this was the kind that actually seemed plausible (if you’re 10).   These ladies  holding the living history exhibit told us that the historic mansion we were visiting was rumored to be haunted, afterward Gray declared he SAW a lady in the window…….and my husband says to him


Tonight, that fear reared its ugly head and following Brooke’s sleepwalking/sleeptalking episode came the Grayson literally jumping from his bed running down the hall and leaping into MY bed hahahaha 🙂 .

My DOG also goes bump in the night…..

So half hour after my son somersaulted into my bed, the DOG (who is sleeping with my husband, my son, and myself) has a nightmare of her own…..and starts YELPING in her sleep.  The yelping FURTHER freaked out my son, as apparently dogs are adept ghost sensors (in case you didn’t know).  Finally I manage to get a giggle out of my son who by then was literally hiding under my covers by telling him there were only 3 scary things in this house.

1.) His sleepwalking sleeptalking SISTER

2.)  His MOMMY during MATH class

3.) Mark (my hub,their stepdad) when he has to repeat himself 3 times to get things done

So,  finally after going INTO the bedroom with my son and examining all the “scary places” that ghosts like to hide……I manage to get him back into his bed, turn on his lamp (to my husbands chagrin), and get back to my own bed.

  I clambered back into MY bed and then listened to a VERY stern lecture from my husband, due to the fact he was VERY vexed that a 10 year old BOY was being indulged by sleeping with a light on.  Apparently this sort of indulgence is just what leads children to being 30 year old adults who also sleep with a light on (like I do when Mark works overnights).   Geeze…so now here sit I at 5:15 in the am hours writing this lovely blog-post so that you, my readers, can find some entertainment (and perhaps offer a word of advice) in this fine situation.



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