Really struggling

So we really are struggling with this whole sleep issue now… son who really has never been afraid, who had always turned in early no matter what was going on, he went to his bed and went to sleep even if we had company here.

Now even though he is 10, he truly is legit afraid of “ghosts” and “dark things”……things he never mentioned until we went to that stupid DAR pottery event and they told the kids the mansion there was haunted.

What can I do? How do you help this?



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10 responses to “Really struggling

  1. My son has had issues like this. We turned it into an opportunity to learn more about the supernatural. My husband’s mother works at a haunted museum, and she was very helpful explaining that ghosts are friendly, etc.

    My son also has one of those “dream lights” that is more fun than a regular nightlight.

    We also let him play music quietly in his room.

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