So, you call yourself a homeschooler….

So….you call yourself a homeschooler…I guess that means you spend all day at home then right? You know…doing school and stuff.

Uhmmmm, yea about that…….No, I kinda don’t spend most of my time at home sitting in a neatly organized room filled with crayons, art supplies, pencils, papers, worksheets, textbooks and notebooks. I kinda sorta do something more like… we goooooooo school.


With a crew like this, goooooooooo is all you get accomplished. The girl and blonde haired boy in black shirt in back center, are mine, the other two are the nephews that we spend quite a bit of time with. These four play every sport coming and going. My two do swim team, gymnastics, baseball, basketball, run 5ks, soccer,tennis, co op, and visit their bio dad twice a week for a few hours……so yea, my homeschool isn’t really a “homeschool” it’s a go school.

Sure, we use textbooks for Math……but everything else is either an online live streaming class from currclick or its “lapbook unschooled” haha oh and we TRAVEL quite a bit of the time (between sport seasons)

I’d like to think I’m…..eclectic, really though I’d say I’m more hands on unschoolish. I’m a goer, seer, doer kind of mom. Study the revolutionary war? Sure lets go! Wait what? SURE LETS GO!

Go? Ya, you know….to Boston, Jamestown, Kings Mountain, and Abingdon Muster Grounds!

Studying pioneer days? SURE LETS GO!! Wait what?

You know… Cumberland Gap and to the Wilderness Road Park re enactment at Martins Station!!

Studying the Civil War?? …… Well….you get me here…..LETS GO!

My husband says he’s never before me laid eyes on a person who has what he has coined to be “ANTI motion sickness”… know…a person who gets sick if they AREN’T moving.

What can I say? It’s true.



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