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I’m no conspiracy theorist…….but….

I’m no conspiracy theorist, in general I run far from that type of thing. I majored in education though so I can speak to the fact that I do in fact recall several of the theories discussed (Piaget, Locke, etc). I also can attest to the fact that when in the EDU class regarding policies in public education….I knew then and there I’d never subject a child if mine to a public system.


Cite: indoctriNATION the book available for amazon kindle

The above comparison is so in target.

I wonder…..if there were no schools, would a parent ever consider leaving their child with a different stranger every year for 40 hours a week for 12 years?



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IndoctriNATION….have you read/watched?

Even if you aren’t a Christian, there is no way to deny that there is something GRAVELY amiss in the American Education System.

I encourage you to google indoctriNATION movie and read/watch.

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I just needed out of the house…..


I know, I know….I really rarely do stay HOME to homeschool. Usually carschool would be a more accurate description. The thing is, lately carschooling has been wearing us out, and so has traveling. So we decided to stay home today…..but then I couldn’t actually bring myself to stay HOME home….. because then I’d be to distracted with doing things like….canning, mopping, etc. Continue reading


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Archimedes Heel…..and no I don’t mean Achilles

So my 8 & 10 year olds are learning about the Archimedes Princ., if you aren’t familiar here is the basic gist of it.

Any object that FLOATS in water will displace an equal weight of water.

In other words if we were using wood for example and we gently placed a 266g block of wood into a tank that was completely filled to brim….then 266 g of water by weight would overflow.

Sounds simple enough no? Sure, if you’re not exhausted when you’re reading the instructions for the experiment and fail to recognize the item has to FLOAT in order to displace its equal in weight.

If the item SINKS in water then it only displaces its volume.

Sounds simple enough yes?

It is, unless its late evening and you’re tired and forget the fundamentals of it……I forgot the principle of equal weight only applies to FLOATING objects and thus spent all night trying to think of what I’d done wrong. Then I remembered and laughed at myself heartily before going to bed


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I’m a busy bee





Not to mention all the kraut and pickled corn I’ve been busy canning….sorry I’m so quiet, I am working on a post/rant for tonight ❤ I've been ticked off since early this afternoon by a local govt issue.


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Dear People of the World

Dear people of the world, 

I respect your choice NOT to homeschool your children. I do not however APPRECIATE your idea that homeschooling is somehow inferior to public education. 

Let us evaluate carefully the fact that SOLs and Common Core State Standards have so far altered public education that it is now damaged almost beyond repair. In fact just the other day I read in the news about another ‘project’ our government is doing with our school systems…..the federal government has decided that perhaps school starts to early in the morning, so they’re “trying out” a later start time “in hopes of improving test scores”. 

That’s right friends, “in hopes to improve test scores”. Public education has failed even at its own game. You know the game I speak of…..the one where you cram a list of facts into the faces of young children over and over and over and over until even a MONKEY could learn to fill in the bubbles on those standardized tests and very likely could even score in the “average” ranges. I ask you….IS that education? Or is that simply REGURGITATION? 

I could take any 8 year old of average intelligence and teach them geometry if I spent 50 minutes everyday teaching them the same list of facts (SOLs) over and over and then assigning them an hour of “practice” of those same concepts every night. In FACT, I actually did a little experiment with my own 8 year old….and I can prove this theory.

I am not interested in the least in having a child who is more capable of filling in blanks and bubbles than CREATING their own blanks to fill in….having their OWN ideas and having their own hypotheses and then discovering whether these are indeed fact. I’m simply not interested in watching them fill in someone else’s blanks. Instead…I choose to embrace the natural curiosity that is found in my children, and to use that curiosity to engage, empower, and employ a more true means of education than I feel is accomplished in the public school.

So don’t EVER assume that home education is somehow inferior…..that is by far not the case in the least. It is neither inferior nor is it the same….just as you cannot expect the blind to comprehend the color red,  you cannot expect those who choose to publicly educate their children to comprehend homeschooling.

Yours MOST Sincerely,

home educator extraordinaire, Analyst, Chauffeur, Chef, Counselor, Disciplinarian, Dishwasher, Financial Adviser, Friend, Guiding Light, Inventor, Judge and Jury, Launderer, Maid, Mentor, Mind Reader, Nurse, Organizer, Psychologist, Seamstress, Veterinarian, Waitress and General Worker…….aka SAHM


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Why didn’t you become a “real” teacher

If you wanted to teach, why didn’t you go to college and become a real teacher.

When I read those words on a fellow homeschooler’s facebook page… I saw red.  This Monday will mark the very first day of homeschool for this mommy, and her family is attacking her.  It’s funny isn’t it, how the very people who should love and support you in all your endeavors, family usually are the ones who find the lowest blows to throw.  In this case, it was an aunt.   Here is my humble opinion on this subject.

What is this other person’s investment in your childs education?

By virtue of the fact that you are her parent and have vested interest in her outcome, whereas a public educator does not.. I implore you to disregard the ill mannered people who speak against your choice.

As the parent, we have a vested interest in the outcome of our child(ren)’s education.   We seek to impart morals, knowledge, and we do so in order to see our child become a successful adult.  

A public educator, while many are wonderful loving people, has no vested interest in your child.  Your child will pass through their class and either fail or pass.  The teacher in general may like your child, but can a teacher love your child in the way that you do as the parent?  To suggest they could is absurd.

 No teacher is capable of understanding, loving, or even teaching your child better than you the parent could!

What is the public educators job?

The job at hand in a school setting today is to communicate a set of given facts to a group of students.  The students then in turn must turnabout and regurgitate said facts onto a bubble sheet which will be scanned and assessed how well that child retained said facts.  They take this test after weeks of intense coaching…..honestly, I could coach any 8 year old of average intelligence to pass a geometry exam if I spent as much time shoving it down their pretty little throats as public educators do.   Also be reminded, these teachers know in advance exactly which concepts are to be on the test, and so they hyperfocus on these.

I would compare that to a parent who wished to teach their child to read, and so they read the same book to them for 50 minutes everyday for 3 months, and then assigned them to “practice reading it” every night for another hour… is very likely that child could repeat that book….but could that child READ THAT BOOK?  NO! The child is simply regurgitating the memorized information.

As homeschoolers we have the unique ability to educate our children.  There is a difference you know.  We don’t simply teach them to parrot off facts from a list of common core standards.  We teach them so much more and even beyond that we give them experiences of their own instead of simply requiring them to read the stories of other people’s.   Certainly we read of other’s experiences, those are important as well, but we are so much more equipped to understand things when we are able to recreate them in an active manner. How do we recreate them?  In so many ways!  We can stargaze and learn how the constellations guided slaves such as Harriet Tubman as they traveled under the cover of darkness along the underground railroad.  We can teach them the songs which were sang that contained the secret messages which also helped guide them.   We can practice being pioneers by “going off the grid” for a few days and roughing it with no electricity.  We can go to historical re enactments, we can do so many many more things that publicly schooled children are never able to do.

Homeschool mom….take heart this morning and know that you are a real teacher.  You were their  first and God given teacher.  You are more than adequate to teach your child.


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