Microscope and Chemistry Set

So my 7 (turning 8 this Sunday) year old is asking for a microscope. More specifically she would like a microscope that will allow her to see germs. Why? Oh well of course because she wants to swab the dogs boogies and then look at them to see the germs wiggling around. She would also like to take a swab of a toads skin, and slice a plant stem and look at the cell structure. She also would like some Petri dishes she says because she wants to “watch the germs grow”

I want to watch the germs grow mommy!!

Really? Is this just my kid, or is this common? I never hear of other little girls wanting to swab their dogs boogies and then watch the germs swim round in said boogies.
She’s super smart, very advanced (she’s doing 4/5 grade math and science)…..but really….watch germs wiggle around…..that to me seems an odd thing to want to see hahah. She loves to color (coloring pages of cells and cell structure) and draw (amoebas and such). She’s said for 4 years now that she is going to veterinary school and I’m starting to think there’s is a good chance she may 😉 .

So, who can recommend a good microscope at a reasonable price?

Also I need to purchase a chemistry set, because we need one or the chem class they’re taking.

Thanks for the suggestions!


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