It’s been a hard day….a hard week even

Yesterday (9/11) was just a hard day all around.  My mind was occupied with other things, I didn’t have it in me to give school my all.  I was preoccupied.


On 9/11/01 I was rushing, rushing to get to the college I was running late, I had a math test and I was in a hurry to be there for it at 8 am.


8:02 am,  I arrive to class 2 minutes late (I know this because she locked the door at 5 after, and I somehow managed to not get locked out) and rushed to my seat grabbing my math test as I passed the instructors desk.


8:20 am, I’m silently berating myself…..WHYYYYYY, WHYYYYY did I enroll in an 8 am math class?  My brain hated math at 1pm let alone at 8 am!  I was tired, I hated math, and I didn’t want to be there…….oh and the math test was brutal, I WAS HATING IT.

8:48 am, a crowd begins to gather in the hallway outside and we catch a glimpse of what appears to be a movie showing on the college television system.  The math instructor believed it to be a history class…..but man they were loud and GAH i still had that flipping math test in front of me trying to do it.

8:50 am……the moment my heart stopped for a split second as the news sunk in.  Someone stuck their head through the door and said “A huge plane just flew into the world trade center!”

8:55 AM…..we are huddled round the televisions watching in the college common area……I am in tears.

9:03 AM….the second plane flies into the second tower…while we are watching!  It was the moment I realized…..WE ARE UNDER ATTACK

9:20 AM…….I can’t take this any more I have to get out…I’m done I cant do school today I’m going home…I’m going HOME.

9:40 am…..I arrive home and suddenly the news is breaking there is yet another plane….this one has hit the pentagon… world is spinning.

9:59 am…..I watch in HORROR as I see the towers collapse…knowing….KNOWING that our police and firefighters are inside….the civilians are inside…. I know this probably sounds horrid of me but because my family is law enforcement, my focus in that moment wasn’t on the civilian it was on the Police and Fire responders…..they had ran IN while EVERYONE was running out…..they rushed TOWARDS the danger, when everybody else ran screaming away from it.  Their bravery will never be forgotten.

10:06 am-  Flight 93 crashed….my only thought at that moment was, AT LEAST it wasn’t into another building… GOD can this get worse?

10:30 am-  The news shows the collapse of the second WTC tower…….yes, it turns out….it COULD get worse.



2 hours.  Just 2 hours….and my world had changed forever.  I woke up feeling groggy and wishing I could just go back to sleep because I hated math and I hated early mornings….little did I know, that morning was the morning that would change the world.


I was mad…I am mad.  I am furious.  And we stand with a fool for a president….a president who has made us the laughing stock of the world.  A paper tiger, a fickle idiot.  He doesn’t even know that this country is a Constitutional REPUBLIC not a Constitutional Democracy….and he was a CLP for pete’s sake.  Somebody CC him this please so maybe he can get a clue…..oh and while you’re at it, could ya put the Constitution on his teleprompter so the idiot might read it one time?  on 9/11/01 we were a nation UNITED….but today, we are just a byword……not even a legend in our own minds…..why? Because we have allowed our country to go to Hell in a Handbasket and nobody is willing to STAND UP  and BE THE AMERICA we were intended to be when our framers created this CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.


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