We wrestle not with flesh

6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

You know the verse, you’ve heard it a million times and probably even said it as often. Here’s the thing though….

I’m not perfect…..if you note the title of my blog then you’ll see I readily agree that I am imperfect. I’m still in the process of “being worked on” just like the children’s song says. So here is the issue…..SOMETIMES in all my imperfection…..

I wish I could wrestle with some flesh til I bring the blood

People push my buttons…all the wrong buttons…..buttons that if they knew the reaction they were in danger of getting, they probably would avoid completely. It’s a hard thing to choose to turn the other cheek, and sometimes I might turn the other cheek but as I do….I slap them somehow (not physically) 😉

There is such a thing as a righteous anger, and there is such a thing as being angry and sinning not. Here is the problem though, I’m not perfect. I try, oh how I try! But it seems that occasionally I truly truly lose the fruit of self control when it comes to certain things…..things like my kids, my husband, my church, my faith. You may attack ME, but those other things are off limits.

In other words, mouth off about me all you like….call me stupid, ditzy, ugly…anything you like….but when you disrespect my family or my faith you have crossed the point of no return. I change….I become unlike myself. In a split second, I can go from happy mommy homeschool little miss Betty Crocker, to……..mama bear….mother tiger….or as my husband so affectionately says.

“You can go from 0 to Cranesnest in a tenth of a second”

referring to the community that both his mother and I grew up in. He says there is something unique about women from that community……we not only don’t take any bull…we take it to a whole new level of not taking any bull.

to be continued….I’m exhausted


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