Dear People of the World

Dear people of the world, 

I respect your choice NOT to homeschool your children. I do not however APPRECIATE your idea that homeschooling is somehow inferior to public education. 

Let us evaluate carefully the fact that SOLs and Common Core State Standards have so far altered public education that it is now damaged almost beyond repair. In fact just the other day I read in the news about another ‘project’ our government is doing with our school systems…..the federal government has decided that perhaps school starts to early in the morning, so they’re “trying out” a later start time “in hopes of improving test scores”. 

That’s right friends, “in hopes to improve test scores”. Public education has failed even at its own game. You know the game I speak of…..the one where you cram a list of facts into the faces of young children over and over and over and over until even a MONKEY could learn to fill in the bubbles on those standardized tests and very likely could even score in the “average” ranges. I ask you….IS that education? Or is that simply REGURGITATION? 

I could take any 8 year old of average intelligence and teach them geometry if I spent 50 minutes everyday teaching them the same list of facts (SOLs) over and over and then assigning them an hour of “practice” of those same concepts every night. In FACT, I actually did a little experiment with my own 8 year old….and I can prove this theory.

I am not interested in the least in having a child who is more capable of filling in blanks and bubbles than CREATING their own blanks to fill in….having their OWN ideas and having their own hypotheses and then discovering whether these are indeed fact. I’m simply not interested in watching them fill in someone else’s blanks. Instead…I choose to embrace the natural curiosity that is found in my children, and to use that curiosity to engage, empower, and employ a more true means of education than I feel is accomplished in the public school.

So don’t EVER assume that home education is somehow inferior…..that is by far not the case in the least. It is neither inferior nor is it the same….just as you cannot expect the blind to comprehend the color red,  you cannot expect those who choose to publicly educate their children to comprehend homeschooling.

Yours MOST Sincerely,

home educator extraordinaire, Analyst, Chauffeur, Chef, Counselor, Disciplinarian, Dishwasher, Financial Adviser, Friend, Guiding Light, Inventor, Judge and Jury, Launderer, Maid, Mentor, Mind Reader, Nurse, Organizer, Psychologist, Seamstress, Veterinarian, Waitress and General Worker…….aka SAHM



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3 responses to “Dear People of the World

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  2. TheWife

    My husband’s grandmother was a substitute teacher, she is now retired. Anyways when we told all the family we were going to homeschool she said because I didn’t finish school the children would fail and that homeschooling was a horrible idea. It was funny because her daughter decided to homeschool my husband once upon a time, and she was perfectly okay with it. Maybe my lack of education will hinder my children’s learning ability, or just maybe I will learn right along side of them.

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