Archimedes Heel…..and no I don’t mean Achilles

So my 8 & 10 year olds are learning about the Archimedes Princ., if you aren’t familiar here is the basic gist of it.

Any object that FLOATS in water will displace an equal weight of water.

In other words if we were using wood for example and we gently placed a 266g block of wood into a tank that was completely filled to brim….then 266 g of water by weight would overflow.

Sounds simple enough no? Sure, if you’re not exhausted when you’re reading the instructions for the experiment and fail to recognize the item has to FLOAT in order to displace its equal in weight.

If the item SINKS in water then it only displaces its volume.

Sounds simple enough yes?

It is, unless its late evening and you’re tired and forget the fundamentals of it……I forgot the principle of equal weight only applies to FLOATING objects and thus spent all night trying to think of what I’d done wrong. Then I remembered and laughed at myself heartily before going to bed



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2 responses to “Archimedes Heel…..and no I don’t mean Achilles

  1. Too funny! I am so glad I am not the only one who does this sort of thing. I miss some of the simplest things sometimes. The only thing to do then is laugh at ourselves, yes?

    • Oh lord I heehAwed at myself bc not only did I mess it up, I called one of my good friends who is a physician and her husband who is a math whiz and brought them in and poor Paula kept saying

      Well that sounds right but tell me why we r measuring water in pounds instead of liters again

      While HER husband and my husband guffawed that we were both wrong and it only displaced the volume not weight.,,,,

      At 2am when the revelation of my mistake occurred……I laid in bed and absolutely had a laughing fit

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