I just needed out of the house…..


I know, I know….I really rarely do stay HOME to homeschool. Usually carschool would be a more accurate description. The thing is, lately carschooling has been wearing us out, and so has traveling. So we decided to stay home today…..but then I couldn’t actually bring myself to stay HOME home….. because then I’d be to distracted with doing things like….canning, mopping, etc.

So…… we came to the library. I love the library it’s truly my home away from home. In fact I always tell my husband…..heaven has to be full of libraries…..because I can’t think (in my natural mind) of a more peaceful, wonderful place! It just CALMS me to be among books, I’m a bookworm. Books take me places I cannot physically go. I love them. Just being in a room full of books is calming to me, even if I am not reading. I have an extensive library at home, but it’s not as neat and orderly as the public library hahahah :).



I think it’s the knowledge that all these books are in an order…..I can walk to an aisle, glance at the call numbers and know exactly which books are where….Order gives me peace. I have to think though…. and say that in general, although I love all the order of the library, I prefer the spontaneity and surprise of real life.

So I’ll keep my chaos, but occasionally……I’ll slip away to the library and revel in the calm, peaceful order of it all.



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8 responses to “I just needed out of the house…..

    • I always tell my husband….heaven is full of libraries…..and HELL is a burning laundromat with never ending loads of laundry to be folded…and just as you finish one load they hand you another burning load and satan pokes u with a hot poker and there’s not a drink of water in sight.

  1. Libraries are wonderful aren’t they, here (Australia) we have heaps of activities put on by the Government. Eg: Science projects, movie days, author visits.

  2. As We Are...

    I adore libraries. Your description of your extensive home library without quite as much order reminded me of the house in the beginning of the book Inkheart. Books, books everywhere! I love that idea. I have to admit, as inefficient as they were I do miss card catalogs though. Am I the only one?

    • Oh no i LOVE CARD CATALOGS and i miss the old way ❤ i love paper books more than electronic ones any day

      • As We Are...

        I completely agree. I love the small (of new books) and the feel of the pages. I can’t but help to look around in a book shop and marvel and the stories I am surrounded in. I do love e readers for their convenience but it makes me a little sad as well to think that there may be an end of people who appreciate actual physical books… I came across a post and loved it (it’s not mine) but thought of you as I read it today – it features famous libraries of the rich and famous 🙂 My library looks nothing like and of these but I assure you that given unconstrained resources it surely would!!!!


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