I’m no conspiracy theorist…….but….

I’m no conspiracy theorist, in general I run far from that type of thing. I majored in education though so I can speak to the fact that I do in fact recall several of the theories discussed (Piaget, Locke, etc). I also can attest to the fact that when in the EDU class regarding policies in public education….I knew then and there I’d never subject a child if mine to a public system.


Cite: indoctriNATION the book available for amazon kindle

The above comparison is so in target.

I wonder…..if there were no schools, would a parent ever consider leaving their child with a different stranger every year for 40 hours a week for 12 years?



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4 responses to “I’m no conspiracy theorist…….but….

  1. Radical Momma

    I agree, just look at what they’ve done to the Founders, Christopher Columbus, etc. through the Public School system over the past years. These men weren’t perfect at all, but they weren’t evil dudes, either. Also, I distinctly remember being told in my 1st grade class (20 years ago) that Florida (the state I lived in) would be under water by the time my generation hit 21, and that all of us would be displaced, and most of us dead. I remember crying into my pillow for weeks afterwards, and trying to tell my parents about how bad Global Warming was and how it was going to flood Florida and a lot of us would die. I sincerely believed that it was coming, and it’s stuff like that, which you *can* teach to kids without terrorizing them, that makes me believe that the only goal of public education is indoctrination. Especially since now, there are tons of reports that there is more ice than there has been in a long time, and yet still the international community is pushing the “Climate Change” narrative and people are swallowing it completely, because we’ve been indoctrinated to believe that the government doesn’t lie to us, and if they are proven wrong – at least they had our best interest at heart. Sorry for the rant, lol. As someone who recently went through Education classes in college, I get a little revved up about this subject. 🙂

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