I was tired of being an island….

Obviously I am a people person, if you’ve read my blogs and paid attention, you see how I carry this on more like a conversation than a documentary. I like people (most of the time), and I would describe myself as a social butterfly so to speak. I can spot a homeschooler from over 100 feet away, and I WILL (yes I will) approach them, shake their hand, introduce myself, and yes occasionally I force them out of the “bunker” (if they’re that type) and make them have some human interaction.

I was tired of being an island, I needed a group of people who were like minded to associate with. My public school parent friends, they’re great, just don’t “get it”. Many of them hold jobs outside the home, and the ones who don’t simply can’t fathom homeschooling or “being with the kids all day everyday”. It isn’t that they don’t love their children, they just have a different “style” of parenting. So, here I am….all alone…..just an island…..independent and free YES, but….an island just the same.

I wanted more. I wanted my children to have more than just the occasional friend over, more than just friends from sports. I wanted them to be surrounded by children who were like them. Kids who were homeschooled and had things in common, and kids who were academically and socially varied. In other words, I didn’t want them in a school like setting surrounded by kids exactly their own age who all are chasing after some boyband of the week addicted to cells and iPods and screens etc. School is not now, nor has it ever been an option. I wanted something better than school.

so what’s a mom to do?

I built it from the ground up. A co op. a. Co op filled with about 20 other kids and 8-10 other parents who just like me…..were tired of being islands. They all knew there were others like them, but how could they find them?? That’s where I came in and decided

my tax $ are worth something…..the public library is funded by my tax $

So I went to the library and I made my case for a homeschool co op and free use of their facilities…..and guess what….they said SURE COME ON OVER!

So today was the second meeting and I have this to say:

if you build it, they will come

And come they did….about 22 people from age 6-16 gathered today and were divided into age groups.




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6 responses to “I was tired of being an island….

  1. CJ

    I agree…like minds crave like minds.

  2. Beautiful! Keep on–it is so worth it! I have been a part of a local co-op for 12 years. We began with about 10 families that meet once a week. Now we have moved to larger facilities, have about 40 families each term, and have a waiting list. It has given my children ‘extras’ educationally and like-minded friends that they have grown up with. But even more importantly, it gives us moms a place to feel understood, to lift each other up, and to belong. Priceless!

  3. You go! I like people who take the initiative. It’s funny today I spent about an hour filling out paperwork to join a local co op myself, from speaking to another Mom at a homeschooling group at our local library! We are a wee bit late because for that first month I just needed to figure this whole homeschooling thing out, but really, really looking forward. because you are right “No man is an island”

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