Secret keeper girls/ 1girl Nation tour

ABOVE*^^ my daughter Brookelynn and my good friend Paula’s daughter Jaida

Tonight I went to SECRET KEEPER GIRLS CRAZY HAIR TOUR with 2 of my great friends and their daughters.

I encourage you mamas find the tour dates close to your hometown and Go for a girls night out with all your besties and their baby girls

Below- ME 😉




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5 responses to “Secret keeper girls/ 1girl Nation tour

  1. As We Are...

    I’m curious. What is it about?

    • Q?Why did you choose the name Secret Keeper Girl?
      Originally, Secret Keeper was a book for teen girls about how to keep the deepest secrets of your beauty for just one man. It was very successful and we chose to use that name to approach teens in an age appropriate way about issues of modesty and purity. It is certainly not our intent to encourage girls to be secretive. You’ll see our events and resources are a way to get moms and girls talking, talking, talking about everything!

      It was GREAT FUN and the “modesty fashion show” don’t get the wrong idea, it’s not all ankle length skirts and such. It simply makes a fun game out of teaching girls how much skin is to much skin to be showing….for example, showing cleavage when you’re twelve….and if your skirts are so short that you can see your fruit of the looms when ya bend over- that’s just tooooooooo short. They teach girls some great lessons and the crazy hair tour includes “decades” show from the 50s-80s and dances that were popular (like the twist)

      • As We Are...

        That sounds amazing! What do you think us the youngest age that would be worthwhile to attend?

      • I think any age would enjoy it however the “message” of it is really geared towards girls that are probably around 7-13

        My 8 yo loved it my friends brought a 9 &13 yo and they loved it. We saw kids as young as 3/4 dancing and having a blast……it’s just really up to you… is a lot of audience participation dancing etc.

        I would take any child who loves music that is old enough to comprehend stories about feeling left out, and any child who might feel “different” than others for some reason or another,and any child who might be pressing mama to let her grow up to quickly.

        My daughter is “different” bc we homeschool and all her friends aren’t…..jaida is “different” bc she is adopted from china to our rural area with not really many Chinese……there are loads of good things about this event I just can’t rave enough about it.

      • As We Are...

        This sounds right up our alley! Thanks for the suggestion.

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