Adriana Trigianni, Big Stone Gap

How many of you have read the BIG STONE GAP series by Adriana Trigianni??

That book is based here in my area, just a 10 minute drive from my home are all the sites which make the setting of the book. These last few weeks, Jenna Elfman, Whoopi, Tagliania, and the Wilson brothers have been galavanting through town on the regular. Everyone is absolutely swooning……except me that is.

I’d like to meet them, but for only one reason……I’d like them to visit the Health Wagon or come aboard during one if the mobile free clinic days. I think since they’re here, they should get to know the REAL Big Stone Gap and Wise County.

Regardless, if you have not yet read the books… them all (in order) and fall in love with my little area and come visit us!


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