It takes a very brave soul


Oh I admire you, it takes such a very brave soul to homeschool!! I could never do it myself though, my children would never listen to me!!

I wouldn’t say bravery is the issue here, I wouldn’t really say I have more patience than others, I wouldn’t even say that I am “such a good mommy”. What would I say? A few things actually.

I’m not brave. I wouldn’t even say I am strong minded, nor would I call myself disciplined. I don’t have loads of patience (I don’t sound or act like a Duggar). I would not even consider myself an exceptional mom.

So….what makes me so different than them?? Why am I able to homeschool children and have an end result of well behaved and hardworking children?? Why do my children love to read and often read more than one thousand pages in just a few days?? Write this down……because if you’re a newbie, a parent considering, or even just a public school parent watching in awe, here are the secrets.

1. I don’t make them sit at a desk or table or even in a chair


2. I don’t have lesson plans or standards to meet or consider myself failed
3. I am not trying to meet the common core standards of learning
4. I don’t freak out if we skip a day

5. I don’t freak out if are behind in one subject (or even if it were all of them)


Children are not miniature adults, they don’t require desks or cubicles…..they need freedom to explore. I don’t need lesson plans because my children are naturally curious (and so are yours believe me) so they will naturally question and explore the world and learn from it. I’m not trying to meet common core standards because thus far, we are by far exceeding everything they have to offer. I don’t freak out over missing a day because even on my worst day, it’s still better than anything the public school can offer. I don’t flip of we are behind in writing, because they’re excelling in everything else.

In short, no I am not brave…..

Entrusting your child’s education to complete strangers who tie them to desks, confine them within 4 walls, expect them to learn more from books than from experience, and require them to read about everyone else’s experiences, experiments, and adventures instead of having/doing their own… a concept so foreign, so unreasonable to me that I just can’t fathom it……so no, I’m not brave, I just happen to think I am a way better caregiver/teacher/protector thn any government employee will ever be.






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