The Power of a Prayer Chain


Man if you want news to spread, get on a prayer chain!! Lol. I completely believe in the power of prayer and in Gods miracle touch, I’m not being sacrilegious here. We had received some news the other day regarding our daughter and we were keeping it on the down low because well…..we didn’t want a social media blitz and we hadn’t even had time to tell our relatives that are scattered further than right here in the community….one set of grandparents (the ex in laws for instance) had no clue as yet and I was going to wait to tell them until we had all the news. One or two family members though, with no malice of course, placed my daughter on their (huge) church prayer email chains.

This morning, I had so many messages and questions finally just made a public post……how many of you have had this happen??

The tendency here in our rural community is that as the news passes ear to ear it grows in gravity and I fully expect that by tonight many will be planning an unnecessary funeral hahahaha. God bless them though as long as they pray for her, the God of all mercies knows exactly her name and all her needs.

Dear Friends,

I have received several messages regarding a prayer request this morning. I want to reply to everyone, but truly I couldn’t find the time to answer all of them.

Yes they did find a mass in my little Brookelynn’s mandible. At this point we pretty much KNOW with all certainty that this is NOT cancer. She will have to have some special CT scans in the next couple weeks and it is a definite that surgery is in the near future. How major or minor that surgery is will depend upon exactly what this mass is. I know that when one receives the “news” that someone has a mass or tumor in their body it is the tendency that people begin to immediately ask questions. I appreciate all of your concern! And certainly we hope you will pray for it to be a minor surgery and not a major one.


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