Are words needed really??







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2 responses to “Are words needed really??

  1. Valerie

    I love that top photo. Looks like the kids enjoyed their day. 🙂

    • Today veterans talked about veterans…..I took in uncle ransoms flag and Purple Heart he was killed in Anzio. Mamaw sent her boy and all she got back was a flag and a medal……not even a body to bury. These kids had a real lesson today……and instead of writing to currently deployed people they wrote letters to the forgotten veterans who are now elderly……those vets may feel forgotten but they will atleast know that today….22 kids thought of them and took time to write them words of love and encouragement and thanks for their great service to our nation.

      For my family……it’s Easter, Christmas, Veterans Day … that order….and all other holidays are minor in comparison to these 3

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