TOS Homeschool @ The Wilderness Pigeon Forge

Who is going to the TOS homeschool conference at The Wilderness in The Smokies(Pigeon Forge Tn) this week?? THIS GIRL IS !!!!

Yes, I will be there in all my pasty hasn’t seen sun in 2 months glory, sporting my bathing suit and watching my kiddos race up and down those slide steps……because let’s be honest here, I’m not going up 6 flights of stairs to ride a 30 second drop to the bottom of it ok? Ill stay at the bottom and watch, y’all have fun now ya hear!

If you’re coming, comment below! I hope to see my fellow bloggers there showing all their support to the TOS event! We had already planned to be there next week since we own a condo on the Wyndham side of the Wilderness and by chance we found out about this awesome event! What timing!!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing y’all there! don’t try to outdo me now, don’t be spraying on fake fans and laying in tanning beds in prep for this, lets all come and be our imperfect little selves hahaha 😉

see ya there!


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