Apologia – Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics – Review

Oh we use this with Currclick LIVE (Debbie Mackin) and absolutely LOVE IT!!! My children have acquired so much knowledge with this curriculum, I can’t say enough how much I LOVE it but more importantly THEY love it!

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Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc. was created to provide parents with educational materials that would support their faith and not undermined it.  They offer a variety of science materials from elementary school through high school.  Their products provide a solid science education that is uncompromisingly Christian.  They also offer an online academy for homeschool students.  In addition, the offer a variety of other items to support and encourage the homeschool family.
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Our family reviewed Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics.  This book is part of the Young Explorer’s Series.  It covers a variety of topics that give an introduction to the  topic of Chemistry and Physics.  The students start out with an in-depth look at what matter really is. They will learn how God designed the world from the big things to the small.  They will explore the difference between weight, volume, and density.  They will also explore the smaller…

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