I’m a nerd…..

I’m a total nerd…..I confess!!

Today “Life of Fred” arrived by mail carrier. As I saw him drop the package it dawned on me what that larger package was. I raced to the mailbox and pulled it out and bolted back towards the house while ripping it open. The children, witnessing this spectacle, stood excitedly watching and Mija says to me excitedly “WHAT IS IT MOMMY!!WHAT IS IT!!???”. I looked up still ripping and said “IT’S YOUR NEW MATH CURRICULUM!!!”

Mija and Mijo stand, staring at me….kind of in shock and mixed with a little wonderment because they didn’t realize their mom was such a dork.

Mija ” wait, what!?”

Me: shaking my head yes excitedly

Mija: “mom….if this is just math, why are you acting like its a Christmas present!?”

Ok, so I’m a nerd…and a childish one at that. I get excited over any mail for me that isn’t a bill hahahaha!!! Especially if its a package! I don’t care if its just a math book!

How about you?? Am I alone in this geekiness?



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11 responses to “I’m a nerd…..

  1. Packages are so much better than bills or junk mail every time! And new curriculum is great!!

  2. What’s not to love about a math book?!?! 😀 I would have been right there jumping and clapping with you!

  3. I actually do a little dance when I get new books! So glad to know I’m not alone in my nerdiness! 🙂

  4. You are not alone, I always get excited when new school books come to the house! Box days are my favoirte thing!

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