Quantity Time or Quality Time?

Quality time is something mothers who choose to ship their child off to daycare strive for. Quantity time is what is REALLY/em> important though. Why? Because if enough quantity of your time is invested in your children then you’ll be ther when the quality time happens by. You just can’t schedule quality time, quality time just happens in the midst of things, in singular moments…just living life – Melanie Young

What a nugget of wisdom!! I love this woman! She nailed it!! You can no more schedule quality time than you can schedule when your child will learn a certain concept! It just happens one day by chance after much prayer and many trials and a whole lot of effort. Quality time is the same! You invest and invest and invest your time into your child and then one day out of the blue in a split second you see the pay off…..late one evening in the midst of doing a million things you find yourself lost in conversation with one of your children. Not because you’re sitting around the dinner table, not because you’ve setup this “date” with your child, no it’s just spontaneous and you were lucky enough to be present when quality happened by.

Rest assured sweet mamas, don’t stress over quality time…..just focus on quantity time, invest invest invest,be there as much as possible through your homeschooling efforts and just know in your heart that quality time will happen by much more frequently when the quantity of time is being invested!

What a great day with TOS Magazine at their event!!



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5 responses to “Quantity Time or Quality Time?

  1. That’s an encouraging reminder–thank you.

  2. Those times are the greatest for me! Quality time and teachable moments, they become second nature the more time spent with your children. This is wonderful thanks for sharing.

  3. So true. Wonderful reminder!

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