Homeschooling a Boy (Part 1)

If you’re a mom of boys, then you know what I mean! They are just WIRED differently! Mostly, they’re just WIRED. I don’t necessarily mean they’re hyperactive, I mean within themselves their BRAINS are running 90 miles per second.

In my house, my son appears to be very calm,well behaved, and all those other words you use for really sweet good kids. He is! There is this one little thing though, his brain, his brain operates like a boy brain and my brain doesnt. So, what does that mean? It means that I, mommy, need to work on remembering God created boys to be the way they are for a reason. Let’s explore together, shall we, some of the ways that we can help our boys to grow up into the men we dream they can be!

God made boys more active than little girls because he had a plan in mind. God’s plan for our boys is to grow up into strong leaders of their homes and communties! He designed them so that one day they would have enough energy to take on the role of husband, father, community leader and still have enough energy left to go out and work a job to support the family God gives him. He also designed your son especially for you, to sharpen you, refine you, mold you into the person he wants you to be. My son sharpens me daily…believe me! I have an outwardly calm child whose brain is running so fast inside his little head I really believe some days smoke will come out of his ears haha. He just does not operate well until I allow him to get some of that brain energy out through exercising. It is a truth that boys learn better after having used large muscle groups to exercise before sitting down to the tedious task of doing academic work. So mama’s take note! PE comes FIRST in the morning, send them out not for just play time but for real live, actual P.E. and make them do real exercises. I send my son out to run a mile every morning and it is amazing what a difference that has made! It takes 9 minutes and it saves my day. If you don’t live in an area conducive to allowing your child to go run that mile, then make him do something else (at my house the kids do push ups A LOT)…..figure something out to get those large muscles used and fatigued prior to trying to drill and kill your poor son with academic work.

Look for Pt. 2 tomorrow 🙂Image



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12 responses to “Homeschooling a Boy (Part 1)

  1. A mile? I am waaaay impressed. Does he love running? My kids do, but I think if I asked them to run a mile every morning, they’d balk. I’m not opposed to forcing the issue, but I’m curious whether or not you do?

    • my son is 10, yes he runs a mile every single day unless it is just way to cold or raining. He has ran a timed, measured mile every day since age 5, he does like to run and he runs 5 ks so a mile is not to much to ask. Any kid can run a mile (and they do believe me everyday even if they and you don’t realize it they run it) it isn’t to much to ask for a healthy child 😉

      I always say running is best for boys because it requires no thought, it is not tedious and it fatigues the large muscles in a hurry… 10 minutes of actual running
      ( and I don’t mean walking fast) will achieve 2 goals. 1) your kids will be healthier for it and 2) their brains will be able to think more clearly 😉

      My daughter has exercise induced asthma she cannot run so she works outs on the balance beam (but girls don’t really require it) while he runs.

      If your kids would balk…..just don’t TELL THEM they’re running a mile 😉 I didn’t tell my son when I took him to his first 5k that he was actually running 3 miles….I knew he could do it so I just signed him up and let him think he was running a mile LOL when he finished (first I might add) he said it was the longest mile he had everrun and I told him he’d actually ran 3 (something he was convinced he could not do) and he was so excited…..he couldn’t believe he could do it and do it so well!

    • And yes…..I push the issue….I know what he is capable of so I time him and I always tell him his time. He needs to learn to always try to improve on is own running time (within reason…nobody expects a 2 minute mile or anything). He usually runs a 9 minute mile so if he runs a 10 minute mile I tell him, hey pokey toes were you tired today or what? You ran a whole minute slower. Usually he will do it again just to see if he can’t get is time down 😉 and when he comes in at 8 mins and 30 seconds I’m there all high fiving telling him he must have activated the nitrous on that last sprint to the finish.

      He tells me that running is the only time he has when his mind is completely still. His body is so focused on getting the oxygen to the muscles that his mind doesn’t have time to be beebopping from one thought to the next in rapid succession. It’s very mind clearing and it leaves him with that GOOD kind of tired 🙂

  2. Amanda

    I find that my children work better after they have done a few jogs around the house and that there is less whining when they come in. There are a few reasons for this I suppose one being that its quite cold outside and perhaps they are reminded of the blessing of a warm home. Another one is that as this mother has shared children need that activity in the morning and they need it to be rigorous. Thanks for your share on this post!

  3. I have 2 boys 7 &3 and man are you right about the large muscle work before sitting down to do school work, making it easier to get them to stay on task. We start our day with something different each day dependent on weather, but I am so happy i learned that little trick it makes school go a whole lot smoother! I am looking forward to your part 2!

  4. Oh, yeah! My boy is so different from his sisters. Wired is exactly what he is. Can’t wait for part 2.

  5. This is very, very good advice that cannot be repeated often enough. Great message!

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