Homeschooling Boys (PT 2)

So yesterday, I explained that boys NEED to exercise in order to be able to achieve better academically.  Definitely don’t just make him run in the morning and then seat him for 8 hours though! A single episode of exercise is not enough. Anytime your son becomes fidgety or distracted to the point that you are ready to PULL YOUR (and his ) HAIR OUT  go ahead, get up take him outside or into your living room and EXERCISE HIM.  Teach him to manage himself and tell you when he needs this (and not to abuse it). My son is 10, when he reaches that point he will ask to go to the bathroom a hundred times in an hour and finally he will just look at me and say mom, can I do some push-ups or something?

Yes, he ASKS to do them now..especially during math when he comes to a problem that has him stumped he will stop do 10 or 15 quick push-ups and usually he will get up and finish and do much better than he does if I just nag at him and tell him he’s not getting up until its done. I am not suggesting you spend all day doing math (or anything else) in order to accommodate this, no not at all.

Boys by nature, work better when they’re trying to WIN at something.

Boys, by nature, work better when they’re trying to win something. So, set a goal and give a prize! Set it and give him his assignment, the next day tell him you’re gonna set it for something (anything) slightly better than the day before…like maybe he usually makes a 93 in math and you’re setting the goal that today is the day he makes the 94 or 95.  This is not to rush or overexert because rushing and overexertion lead to mistakes, explain that to him up front. It is a fact that boys like to win. Boys don’t even care what the prize is, they just are wired for the pursuit.

God knew what he was doing, he knew men would have to be in constant pursuit of finding and bringing things back to meet the needs of a family.

It’s all God….he designed men and set their purpose as provider, protector, etc. for every purpose God set for men, he built in a mechanism (which drive women crazy quite often) to help man accomplish those purposes.  God even says it right in his word in several places, I’ve ordained you from your mothers womb, I know the plans I have for you, I knit you together, etc etc.  All throughout God’s word, he tells us that he has set a purpose…….You need to trust that mama. You need to know that no matter how DIFFERENT  your son is, he is the way he is because he was designed to be just who he is by God in order that GOD’s (not your) purpose can be achieved through and in his life.

Men (and boys) I know they’re from Mars ladies, you don’t have to tell me because I’ve noticed!

They’re aliens to us! That said, men are different from us because we are meant to complement, not imitate one another!  We must remember that!  When your little martian is speaking the foreign language we call “boy” just remember….one day he will be speaking “man” and you are responsible for molding that man.   So see to it that you discover what it takes to help him become a man you’ll be proud to call son.  Thats the goal in this “homeschooling boys” series….to bring to light some facts so that you mamas (like me) who are struggling through homeschooling a boy (who is a martian) can raise up a generation of great leaders, family men, men you’ll be surprised by……the man that right now you may look at your little martian and think….GAHHHHH HE WILL BE DOING 6TH GRADE FOREVER AND EVER AMEN  He won’t….not if you spend some time gaining understanding in what makes boys tick.

 I really credit Hal and Melanie Young and their Book “Raising Real Men” with teaching me SO MUCH.  It is an ABSOLUTE must read for all homeschooling (or not) mom’s of boys. All this wisdom DID NOT just fall on me one day, it all came at the hand of much experienced parents who looked back and said “hey, lets help out other moms who are struggling” AND they wrote a book just to help us mamas with martians ….oops I meant BOYS!


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