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We are home from hospital

We are home, the operation was successful and she is well educated for pain resting peacefully.

Thank you



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A Plea

I have a plea, an appeal……I realize my readership is not very wide but I feel that it is made up of people who seem to care about others. So here it is.

We live in a first world nation, but here centered directly over the Appalachian Mtns. is a 3rd world bubble. There are people in this area (coal country) who genuinely, by no choice of their own, are without food to put on their tables. We have decided to create a food pantry at HealthWagon, I realize that you cannot very likely mail canned or dry goods to HW however you could go online to


And click DONATE (its tax deductible) in the upper right corner, we will use the donations to provide healthcare to the uninsured and UNDERinsured and will also provide food vouchers (purchased w donations) to the local grocery for those without food.

In this season of giving please help us help others, thank you!

And thank u to those who are praying for my daughter!


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The kiddos

So, my daughter will have surgery on dec 19 to remove a small tumor from her mandible, and she will lose a small piece of the bone (it’ll be repaired w a small metal bit ) . The tumor is not cancer, left untouched it would grow and involve a larger portion of the jawbone and lead to the need for a more extensive resection and repair.

We are currently at children’s hospital with my son who also has been experiencing ongoing health issues since age 2 (he’s now 10) but this visit is for check ups etc for him, testing bone age, doing gh stim testing, and etc… no big deal on this part. He will have a small procedure this Friday as well (nothing major)

Thanks for praying for my little dolls ❤

Will post more later. Thanks!


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I’ve not abandoned ship!

I haven’t abandoned ship, we r in midst of health crisis w the baby girl. Update after her surgery. Thanks!


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