Ya have to carry it

Regarding David moving The Ark of the Covenant. David had built a brand new wagon to bring the Ark over on, we are told of how the wagon was rolling along when suddenly it hit a bump in the road and Uzzah reached out to keep it from falling off said wagon. Uzzah was struck dead…… I know right? Here was a guy, just helping his king get the Ark over to his home city, it hits a bump he reaches out to steady it and BOOM he’s struck dead. How sad right? So here is the point:

David, along with pretty much EVERYONE else knew that The Ark of the Covenant….had a few rules. Rule 1: DON’T TOUCH IT. Rule 2: When ya move it…place rods made of wood through the hooks/loops on the sides of the ark….CARRY IT YOURSELF….no cheating..no ox-carts.

So ya see….The Ark of the Covenant, should never have been on that ox cart to begin with….even though it was brand new and made especially for moving it. The Ark, should have been carried physically.

Application to YOU, my homeschooling cohorts?

God has called you out to homeschool, don’t place that calling on an ox cart and try to let the ox pulling it do all the work. You’re gonna have to CARRY THIS BURDEN….it’s not going to be fun all of the time, its not going to be easy all of the time. So whatdya do? Ya do what David did, when he FINALLY did the RIGHT thing and went back down to the house of Obed Edom to retrieve the Ark. You’re gonna carry it as far as you can, and when you get to that part you can’t carry it through, You’re gonna kneel down and make a sacrifice to God. You’re going to recognize that those first 6 steps are hard work, but that 7th step is one ONLY God can take. The key is, when you get that calling home you’re going to get the blessings described by passages regarding Obed Edom….so carry on, and don’t give up!



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6 responses to “Ya have to carry it

  1. Perfect encouragement for the mid-winter blahs! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  2. Amen! Thank you for sharing this…

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