Ever had a premonition dream?

I do….occasionally and it always shocks me.

When I have a dream that causes me to have strong feelings that make me have to get up and pray……I write that dream down.
My last premonition dream, regarded the tornado that ripped through the school in the Midwest. In my dream I hovered over two children hiding them in a brick building. On my notebook I wrote the following

“Mass fatalities, to the west, children

along with the date and time I had the dream. I’ve only experienced this a few times maybe once or twice a year ( the USS Cole was another news event time) and it really disturbs me. I wonder if occasionally God allows me to have them so that I will pray for these upcoming situations even though I never grasp them in full until they come to pass.

Has this ever happened to you? Please tell me about it.



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2 responses to “Ever had a premonition dream?

  1. It has not happened to me, but my husband has said for years that it happened to his grandmother. He often wonders if it will be passed to any of our children. So far, it doesn’t appear that way.

    • My grandma mom and daughter all do it :/. My mom says to just block it out…..my little girl says she has tried and can’t. She actually woke me at 243 am one morning wailing that her dad was in a house fire (he’s a cop) and I texted him…..thirty mins later he sent me pix of the house fire he was working, he had been kicking downt he door at the exact moment my text went thru

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