Recommendations please please PLEASE!!

I think it’s common knowledge with my readers (maybe not with the new ones) that I have a child with a learning disability. He is not profoundly impaired it seems simple when you hear really…..he has an auditory processing and language processing issue. That means that sometimes he hears one word (or inserts his own own word when you’re speaking to quickly) when you said another. It also means that he has difficulty writing creatively (I have no idea why) and with grammar when it’s written (but not when he’s reading it out loud for some reason). It’s almost like a dysgraphia but his letters aren’t all over the page, although his spelling is at times atrocious.

The most concerning issue is NOT the spelling or grammar, it is how do you teach a kid to write creatively? When you ask him to think up his own story and write it down……it’s like you’ve asked him to pull his toenails off with pliers….I’m not kidding he is miserable. He wants to write well, he’s embarrassed that he can’t. His 8 yo sister is brilliant and the only thing holding him back is this writing and language issue. He has a decent vocabulary, he’s very smart…’s just creativity and writing.

All that said, someone help me please I need a recommendation! He loves life of Fred math….I know they offer language arts but it’s at the high school level. G is 10yo. Anybody have any input?



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18 responses to “Recommendations please please PLEASE!!

  1. Is he able to create a story in his mind and tell you the story? Is the problem just with the writing or with creating the story itself?

    • He creates the same stories (essentially) every time with different characters and varies the endig between going to bed and eating dinner 😦

      It’s as if he wrote this one decent story and now he wants to stay with it (for 2years)

      • I wonder if a “family written” story might help jump start the creative juices. If you start with a sentence, then he adds a sentence, then his sister…keep going that way for a bit. That will force new characters and events to happen.

        Or maybe you could try taking a familiar story and having him re-write it with a totally different main character or setting or ending…that way most of the story is familiar, but he gets practice adding his own creativity.

        You could also try providing all of the story elements and letting him turn things into a story…you know, tell him that he’s a bug on the moon looking for a balloon or something. 🙂

        Or maybe a dinosaur-themed writing prompt each week would help him out? 😀

      • Tried it…..all of it…..for 2 years. I need a breakthrough

      • Well, what about just not worrying yourself about it? Give it a break and remove the pressure from you and him. Come back to it in 6 months or a year to see how things are going. Honestly, the world won’t crash if he *never* does well at creative writing. 🙂 (I did this with some math concepts for Grace…I just let it be for a while, and when we came back to it later, it was much easier for her to accomplish.)

      • And tried that too :/ which is why he is 10 and is terrible at spelling and cannot compose a single sentence in writing without being forced

    • Also his once beautiful writing has headed to ya know where in a hand basket in the last 2y

  2. My son is 13. His spelling just improved by leaps and bounds this year! We were even working out of a 5th grade spelling program last year. This year, he is working at grade level. I don’t know how it happened, but it did!
    What about reading a story aloud that he is very interested in. At the climax of the story, close the book and ask him how he thinks it ends. Let him verbally finish the story and then you can finish reading it aloud. If he enjoys this, do it a few more times and then start asking him to illustrate the ending and eventually to write it.
    Hope that helps a little! 🙂

  3. My son is 15 and has a Language Based Learning Disability. His spelling is atrocious, he is just now getting the hang of grammar (6th grade level), and writing of any kind is very difficult. We beat our heads against the proverbial wall for many years. I empathize with your struggles.

    I don’t have a magic bullet for you, as every child is different. But I can tell you that the last few years have been huge in the growth of my son’s abilities. I really think that when I began focusing more on what he’s good at, rather than focusing too much on his weak areas, he gained confidence which eventually flowed over into some writing pursuits.

    I am looking into the Institute for Excellence in Writing–I have heard that it teaches writing skills in a very simple step by step fashion. Perhaps learning the mechanics of writing first would empower him to get creative with his writing later. Some people are simply not wired to do the ‘creative’ thing with words.

    Your son is still young, and while you do need to make sure he is keeping up as well as possible with reading, much of the other stuff can wait. Right now, some of the sweetest time I get is reading good literature to my young man. Just continuing to expose them to story is one of the best things we can do.

    And most of all, remember that God didn’t make any mistakes with your son. Whatever his difficulties, there are offsetting gifts and talents. Make sure he knows that he is wonderfully made! 🙂 Blessings to you!

    • Rebecca we tried IEW……it’s not at all what we hoped it would be 😦

      • May I ask what didn’t work for you with IEW? I have not jumped on board with it yet because it seems pretty complicated to get started. (If it requires a lot of detail work to get started, I usually avoid) A friend of mine is willing to set me up, and she uses the actual videos so she doesn’t have to do the teaching. I am still weighing it, and would love your input.

      • We used a live teacher even……essentially it begins by teaching you to pull three main words from each sentence and then using those to RETELL the story. Then it graduates to using them to rewrite the story. There is also a list of banned words and vocabulary words to replace the .

        It just…..essentially it teaches you to write reports after you’ve created a keyword outline. (and really only in one format). It’s all keyword outlines……’s not expensive, I suppose if you tried it and didn’t like it you’d not be out a huge amount but I certainly don’t recommend IEW. I had high high hopes tht IEW would be awesome and it just wasn’t.

      • You could teach it easily without the curriculum. Just have him learn to identify main ideas of a each sentence and write down the keywords to remember them……and have him to use a thesaurus to replace overused words. It was really disappointing

  4. Thanks for the info. You’d think I’d have this down by now, but I still find choosing new curriculum difficult. I hate spending money on something only to find that it is completely wrong for my family’s style. I shall have to rethink this one. Blessings–

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