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Mountains and Valleys

(Snapped by me in Kentucky)

I have said and often heard told to others

It is only in the lowest valleys you are able to look up and see the majesty of the mountaintops

What I am finding though in this valley is that thick fog looms overhead obstructing the peaks from sight. My only hope is in the fact that although at the moment the peaks are out of view, I know they are there because to either side of me I se the bases and they are immense. They rise for a bit before they disappear I to the thick gray fog. I can feel that they are there, and I trust that I am here in this valley for a reason. I know above all else, this valley is just a part of my story, it isn’t the whole of my story because soon I will be atop these mountains and this valley will be out of sight



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Commutative properties hahaha

My kids made up a song for commutative prop of addition and multiplication

“If you’re the adder the order don’t matter, all that matters is ya add them up right. If you’re the adder the order don’t matter and it don’t matter if you’re adding up trees or little bumble bees

If you’re a multiplier it ain’t that dire in what order you go it’s all the same you know”

Hahahahaha they are HILARIOUS

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When Buzzards meet

When a group of lions are gathered, we call them a pride.
When a group of geese are gathered, we call them a gaggle.
When a group of owls gather, we call them a parliament.

A group of crows? A murder of crows
A group of buzzards? A Committee

A group of women who homeschool???? Well it depends. Ever heard the expression “one bad apple ruins the bunch”? It’s true!

The riper a piece of fruit is, the more ethylene it produces, and overripe fruit gives off even more ethylene, eventually leading to a concentration of the gas that’s enough to overripen all the fruit. Given the right conditions and enough time, one apple can push all the fruit around it to ripen—and eventually rot.

Additionally, an apple that is infested with mold will contaminate other fruit it’s stored with as the mold seeks additional food sources and spreads. In both cases, it actually does take just one single apple to start a domino chain that ruins the rest of the bunch.

The same goes for people (in this case homeschool moms). Have you ever had a beautiful plate of strawberries sitting in your fridge looking as beautiful as red ripe fruit can possibly look? You go to bed that night planning to have them for breakfast but in those few hours sleeping, mold grows on them!!!
That mold was there before, you just did not see it….

It’s amazing how at first glance a person can seem so sweet and benign, but give her a day or two and that mold grows and takes over and it’s too late because now it has spread to the other people grouped closeby. That is what happened in my homeschool co op. Unbeknownst to me, I welcomed in someone who seemed so docile and innocent….she was a skirt wearer even! You know the type……the kind that reminds you of that mom whose last name rhymes with Chuggar……I mean really this girl passed herself off so easily. I was kind to her, I welcomed her, I always remarked how bright her children are as I do to all the parents who have children in my co op. Who would have thought that pretty little manicure would turn out to be catclaws??!!

Guys this lady has proven to be P-S-Y-C-H-O no joke. The lady is relentless. She has made up more fake Facebook and yahoo messenger names than I can count…..all so that she can continue to harass me. The funny thing is the harassment is that type which completely indicates she really regards herself as “holy”.

She has accused me of everything from homosexuality (I’m straight, married, and if you knew my history you’d KNOW women were never my thing hahahaha, another name in the past perhaps but not lesbian). She has targeted everything from my hair color to the fact that I don’t work…..she’s picked at my marriage (which I didn’t realize liking Facebook posts about healthy marriages meant you didn’t have one? I don’t live in oppositeland). She has absolutely harassed me to death hahahaha !!!!

I shouldn’t laugh but looking back it’s funny. Honestly I think I should in the future do background checks lol because come to findout this chic comes from a Long line of CRAZY.

To be continued…..and yes I forgive her I’m not mad I’m just TIRED
And I have the flu and both kids do as well now :(.


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homeschooling in Bluffton/HHI/Savannah area 2014

If you homeschool in the Bluffton/HHI/Savannah areas please help me connect with support and co op groups in the area! Thank you!!

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If it can happen…’ll happen… US

They baby girl injured her ankle and the big boy has started running a fever showing flu like symptoms



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Surviving A Rabid Attack

To borrow a term from Dr. Laura Schlessinger, I have been surviving a “Shark Attack On Dry Land” for around 6 weeks, I’m working on a post and will post that later today.

To update on the kids

Big boy goes in for another procedure Monday morning.
Baby girl is okay and almost fully recovered <3.

Thanks for the prayers!

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We are home from hospital

We are home, the operation was successful and she is well educated for pain resting peacefully.

Thank you


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