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IndoctriNATION….have you read/watched?

Even if you aren’t a Christian, there is no way to deny that there is something GRAVELY amiss in the American Education System.

I encourage you to google indoctriNATION movie and read/watch.


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We wrestle not with flesh

6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

You know the verse, you’ve heard it a million times and probably even said it as often. Here’s the thing though….

I’m not perfect…..if you note the title of my blog then you’ll see I readily agree that I am imperfect. I’m still in the process of “being worked on” just like the children’s song says. So here is the issue…..SOMETIMES in all my imperfection…..

I wish I could wrestle with some flesh til I bring the blood

People push my buttons…all the wrong buttons…..buttons that if they knew the reaction they were in danger of getting, they probably would avoid completely. It’s a hard thing to choose to turn the other cheek, and sometimes I might turn the other cheek but as I do….I slap them somehow (not physically) ūüėČ

There is such a thing as a righteous anger, and there is such a thing as being angry and sinning not. Here is the problem though, I’m not perfect. I try, oh how I try! But it seems that occasionally I truly truly lose the fruit of self control when it comes to certain things…..things like my kids, my husband, my church, my faith. You may attack ME, but those other things are off limits.

In other words, mouth off about me all you like….call me stupid, ditzy, ugly…anything you like….but when you disrespect my family or my faith you have crossed the point of no return. I change….I become unlike myself. In a split second, I can go from happy mommy homeschool little miss Betty Crocker, to……..mama bear….mother tiger….or as my husband so affectionately says.

“You can go from 0 to Cranesnest in a tenth of a second”

referring to the community that both his mother and I grew up in. He says there is something unique about women from that community……we not only don’t take any bull…we take it to a whole new level of not taking any bull.

to be continued….I’m exhausted

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Heel Injuries, They Aren’t Usually Fatal

Last night I had the great pleasure of speaking with a friend about a situation which had caused great despair in her life.  This situation is truly a difficult one, and one no parent should ever have endure.  At the moment I spoke these words I knew that they would need to be blogged as well.

When we endure times of great trial, despair, discouragement, dismay, and tribulation, there is one (and likely many of his friends) who celebrates your situation. ¬†You see Satan (and his friends) takes great joy in the sufferings of man, because in his weakmindedness he sees this as an opportunity to derail your faith. ¬†This isn’t to say that at times it is very tempting to cave and give up, but that Satan is weakminded enough not to realize that heel injuries aren’t fatal.

Did ya get that?

Heel injuries are NOT  usually fatal.

I know that some of you already have caught on to where I am going with this. ¬†It’s still a good read though so hang in here with me and at the very least be entertained.


So lets take a trip back to the very beginning here. ¬†God makes the Earth and everything in it, he declares it all good. ¬†Now see, when I¬†say that something is good, its probably pretty good….more or less it isn’t terrible but its all a matter of perspective. ¬†When God¬†say something is good,¬† his kinda good is the good that is so good there isn’t a word in all the languages of the world that could truly convey exactly how good it is. ¬†So God makes it and it’s all good…..but then there had been that little issue with Satan and ¬†his lofty thoughts of ascending.

I’ll climb to heaven.I’ll set my throne    over the stars of God.  I’ll run the assembly of angels that meets on sacred Mount Zaphon.  I’ll climb to the top of the clouds.  



So, ¬†here is ol “slewfoot” now abased. ¬†He tempts Eve, she bites, and then Adam too….you know the old story. ¬†There’s a part though that quite a few people miss.


I  will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.  (Gen 3:15 Douay-Reims)


So here’s where it lies…..Satan becomes Eve’s enemy (and Adams too), and OUR enemy. ¬†The interesting part though is kinda in rewind just a little so lets step back in time just a shake. ¬† ¬†Satan offers, ¬†Eve eats, Adam eats……in Satan’s mind, he has WON. ¬†Satan is having his moment of glory, his hip hip hoorah, his fifteen minutes of fame, his out of this world victory dance has commenced…..he is CELEBRATING the devastation he has just caused (which Adam and Eve don’t seem to be entirely aware of because after all they didnt “die”…..yet). ¬† So here sits Satan celebrating, high fiving some of the angels who fell with him (you do realize he had a team right?). ¬†Then God (who obviously already knew what was up) says to him, after his little talk with Adam and Eve,

Because you have done this, you are cursed more than all animals, domestic and wild. You will crawl on your belly, groveling in the dust as long as you live.


Oh man, talk about a party killer. ¬†Satan’s victory, just turned to a curse like no other…….he’s cursed to be a belly crawlin, dust eatin, weakminded, groveler. ¬†Man if that doesn’t take the wind out of your sails I dono what would…..oh wait, yes I do! ¬†That next verse!


I  will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.  (Gen 3:15 Douay-Reims)


Not ONLY are you gonna crawl around in the dust groveling…..there’s an enmity between you and the woman, and all your seed and all of her seed now. ¬†In the course of this enmity YOU Devil are going to strike at her heel (which will irritate us to no end), but SHE is going to CRUSH your head.


Let’s review that one more time…..


How many times have you known someone who died of a fatal injury to the HEEL?


Okie then….now let’s talk about head injuries.


How many times have you heard of someone dying from a fatal blow to the head?


Yea, that’s what Im sayin….


Satan strikes at my “homeschool heel” nearly everyday in one form or another, and some days I just wanna cut my daggone foot off because those “strikes” are not painless…..in fact they are VERY painful. ¬†It’s only because I know (and now you do too) that Heel Injuries ARE NOT Fatal, that I am able to suck it up and put on my blue jean jumper (come on…its the homeschool mom uniform and ya know it) and move on. ¬†The most comfort I get though is knowing that ALTHOUGH Satan will strike at my heel…..I am going to CRUSH his head. ¬†He may irritate the snot out of ME, but I’m going to CRUSH him.


Be Encouraged!







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Pearls of Great Price

Matthew 13v 45-46

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls:
46 Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it


God looked upon me as a pearl of great price, this is why he redeemed me through his son Jesus. He redeemed me not because of anything I could ever do to deserve such a wonderful gift of grace and mercy but because he saw his creation (me) in desperate need before I was even created.

What was it that he saw in me worth redeeming?

I have no idea, I suppose he saw a person created in his own image who would die and go to Hell unless he made a way to reconnect with me. When I think about this great parental love that our father God has for us, I can only begin to imagine that he feels more love towards me than I do my own children even….and that is hard to comprehend considering how I love them so.

When I look at my children, I see myself ( in image…because they look so doggone much like me its unreal), they are a part of me…at their core they bear my imprint (genetically speaking). My children are my own pearls of great price, I would give all that I am, have, and ever will be for them…right down to my very life. When I reflect upon this I can only begin to think….God entrusted their lives to ME….he loaned them to ME for such a time as this, that THROUGH them I could grow (as they grow) and be sharpened (as iron sharpens iron) and they too could grow and be sharpened. Homeschooling is but a tool in my Master’s hand for growing and sharpening me, it is a challenge but luckily for me his mercies are new every morning!

What are you willing to sacrifice for your pearls of great price?

When God called me to homeschool, I had a lucrative career, free babysitter (my mom), and I could reasonably afford all of the finer things that life had to offer for my children. I could have paid for a fine private christian education, I could have had a little more “me time”, as so many moms like to call it.

When God called me, he asked me to sacrifice all of that in exchange for this beautiful chaotic mess! Would I quit my job? Would I keep my children home with me and teach them of Him? Would I educate them academically AND spiritually? Would I sacrifice my “me time” in order to provide them with more of me?

When God called me….he was asking HOW MUCH ARE THOSE PEARLS WORTH?

How much are those pearls worth? How obedient are you willing to be? Are you willing to go and sell all that you have in order to purchase these pearls? Will you sell out completely to follow MY calling on your life? Will you exchange your will for MY will? Are you just playing the part of obedient follower or are you REALLY obedient? How MUCH are those pearls worth? Are they worth sacrificing for? Do you see them as I see them, the same way I see you? A child who is worth investing in, a child who is lost and needs direction, love, attention, worth sacrificing for. Do you see it? Are you truly treating them as if they were your pearls of great price?

a pic from the first days of homeschooling below, my babies and my nephews.



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Pollyanna Syndrome

Do you think the world suffers from Pollyanna Syndrome?  Do you believe that so much effort has been put forth into teaching what a loving and

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Truth Is….

Do you notice these on your facebook newsfeed as often as I notice them on mine? It’s the new thing….quite frankly I wonder if any of these people have ever heard the truth before. Since I am doubting that 98% of them have, I’m going to share a little TRUTH with you here on my own little blog (aka soapbox). Be ready though, because the TRUTH often hurts. I’ll start with some cushy little truths that most of you will be comfortable with, but by the time I am finished rest assured you will either A.) HATE ME or B.) RESPECT ME.


Truth Is…..


The TRUTH (Jesus) is coming….and he will speak a truth that no man can deny! Every tongue will confess (the truth) and every knee will bow. #BEREADY4TRUTH


The TRUTH is…the BIBLE says BE KIND…it did NOT say BE NICE…there IS a difference. Kindness is based upon good will, Niceness is based upon being agreeable. Kindness speaks truth because it loves, Niceness tickles ears because it doesn’t want to hurt feelings. Kindness walks, Niceness only talks. #BeKIND4getBeingNice


The TRUTH is….God is a JUST God…he looks not upon our ACTS but upon our HEARTS. His perspective is NOT based upon what a “good” person we are…our goodness is but as filthy rags in his sight. His word states directly that there is but ONE way to him and that is through his son Jesus. So being good is fine…but having JESUS is paramount! #GoodPeopleDOgoToHell


The TRUTH is….People do NOT become angels when they die(sorry…but they dont…angels cannot be people…and people cannot ever be angels).


The TRUTH is…..you can’t preach someone into Heaven….its funny how everybody is a saint after they die. #LetYourTESTIMONYSpeakJesus


The TRUTH is….God speaks DIRECTLY AGAINST some things…HE CALLS THEM WRONG…Therefore I too can call them wrong and this is NOT hating. #TakeItUpWithTheAuthor


The TRUTH is….Buying a chicken sandwich isn’t going to change the world! #GoVOTEgetObamaOUTofOFFICE


The TRUTH is….I really don’t care if you like the truth or not… The TRUTH will stand when the WORLD is on fire#I’llSpeakItAnyway






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Homeschooling…..Who told you it would be easy? (Part 1)

I believe it is a generally accepted idea that when God calls you to homeschool, and therefore equips you for the task, one begins to believe that this task will be an easy one (since after all it is a calling). Not so I tell you! It is a journey of faith! Just as when God called Abram to depart from his kinsmen and travel blindly to a land God would show him, the homeschool journey is much the same. God has called you to a journey on which although there are others to keep you company, no other person’s will be exactly by the same route.

*Genesis 12: 1

Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee

If you’ve spent any time at all studying Abram/Abraham you know his story, he leaves as God told him but….he doesn’t leave his kinsmen, he takes along his nephew Lot. This was his first mistake, he departed on the journey but he continued to hold on to the past, the things God directed him to let go of. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience? I have, I began homeschooling but was unwilling to forfeit my ideas of what ‘school’ should look like in favor of what God would direct our school to look like. In a roundabout way, I said “Okay God, I’ll go to the place you’re sending me but I’m using MY map instead of yours”. Just like Abram, I suffered consequences because I refused to let go of my own interpretation of what God really meant when he told me to forsake all of the ideas and dreams I had about what I wanted my homeschool to be (think Harvard by 8). It’s been a long journey thus far and I am only just beginning (just 4 years in) but most of my mileage has been caused by my own unwilling fleshy tendencies.

*I will elaborate on these “tendencies” and other portions of my journey thus far in the posts to come ūüėÄ until then, be blessed!


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