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A Plea

I have a plea, an appeal……I realize my readership is not very wide but I feel that it is made up of people who seem to care about others. So here it is.

We live in a first world nation, but here centered directly over the Appalachian Mtns. is a 3rd world bubble. There are people in this area (coal country) who genuinely, by no choice of their own, are without food to put on their tables. We have decided to create a food pantry at HealthWagon, I realize that you cannot very likely mail canned or dry goods to HW however you could go online to


And click DONATE (its tax deductible) in the upper right corner, we will use the donations to provide healthcare to the uninsured and UNDERinsured and will also provide food vouchers (purchased w donations) to the local grocery for those without food.

In this season of giving please help us help others, thank you!

And thank u to those who are praying for my daughter!



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The kiddos

So, my daughter will have surgery on dec 19 to remove a small tumor from her mandible, and she will lose a small piece of the bone (it’ll be repaired w a small metal bit ) . The tumor is not cancer, left untouched it would grow and involve a larger portion of the jawbone and lead to the need for a more extensive resection and repair.

We are currently at children’s hospital with my son who also has been experiencing ongoing health issues since age 2 (he’s now 10) but this visit is for check ups etc for him, testing bone age, doing gh stim testing, and etc…..so no big deal on this part. He will have a small procedure this Friday as well (nothing major)

Thanks for praying for my little dolls ‚̧

Will post more later. Thanks!


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Pearls of Great Price

Matthew 13v 45-46

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls:
46 Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it


God looked upon me as a pearl of great price, this is why he redeemed me through his son Jesus. He redeemed me not because of anything I could ever do to deserve such a wonderful gift of grace and mercy but because he saw his creation (me) in desperate need before I was even created.

What was it that he saw in me worth redeeming?

I have no idea, I suppose he saw a person created in his own image who would die and go to Hell unless he made a way to reconnect with me. When I think about this great parental love that our father God has for us, I can only begin to imagine that he feels more love towards me than I do my own children even….and that is hard to comprehend considering how I love them so.

When I look at my children, I see myself ( in image…because they look so doggone much like me its unreal), they are a part of me…at their core they bear my imprint (genetically speaking). My children are my own pearls of great price, I would give all that I am, have, and ever will be for them…right down to my very life. When I reflect upon this I can only begin to think….God entrusted their lives to ME….he loaned them to ME for such a time as this, that THROUGH them I could grow (as they grow) and be sharpened (as iron sharpens iron) and they too could grow and be sharpened. Homeschooling is but a tool in my Master’s hand for growing and sharpening me, it is a challenge but luckily for me his mercies are new every morning!

What are you willing to sacrifice for your pearls of great price?

When God called me to homeschool, I had a lucrative career, free babysitter (my mom), and I could reasonably afford all of the finer things that life had to offer for my children. I could have paid for a fine private christian education, I could have had a little more “me time”, as so many moms like to call it.

When God called me, he asked me to sacrifice all of that in exchange for this beautiful chaotic mess! Would I quit my job? Would I keep my children home with me and teach them of Him? Would I educate them academically AND spiritually? Would I sacrifice my “me time” in order to provide them with more of me?

When God called me….he was asking HOW MUCH ARE THOSE PEARLS WORTH?

How much are those pearls worth? How obedient are you willing to be? Are you willing to go and sell all that you have in order to purchase these pearls? Will you sell out completely to follow MY calling on your life? Will you exchange your will for MY will? Are you just playing the part of obedient follower or are you REALLY obedient? How MUCH are those pearls worth? Are they worth sacrificing for? Do you see them as I see them, the same way I see you? A child who is worth investing in, a child who is lost and needs direction, love, attention, worth sacrificing for. Do you see it? Are you truly treating them as if they were your pearls of great price?

a pic from the first days of homeschooling below, my babies and my nephews.



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Homeschooling…..Who told you it would be easy? (Part 1)

I believe it is a generally accepted idea that when God calls you to homeschool, and therefore equips you for the task, one begins to believe that this task will be an easy one (since after all it is a calling). Not so I tell you! It is a journey of faith! Just as when God called Abram to depart from his kinsmen and travel blindly to a land God would show him, the homeschool journey is much the same. God has called you to a journey on which although there are others to keep you company, no other person’s will be exactly by the same route.

*Genesis 12: 1

Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will shew thee

If you’ve spent any time at all studying Abram/Abraham you know his story, he leaves as God told him but….he doesn’t leave his kinsmen, he takes along his nephew Lot. This was his first mistake, he departed on the journey but he continued to hold on to the past, the things God directed him to let go of. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience? I have, I began homeschooling but was unwilling to forfeit my ideas of what ‘school’ should look like in favor of what God would direct our school to look like. In a roundabout way, I said “Okay God, I’ll go to the place you’re sending me but I’m using MY map instead of yours”. Just like Abram, I suffered consequences because I refused to let go of my own interpretation of what God really meant when he told me to forsake all of the ideas and dreams I had about what I wanted my homeschool to be (think Harvard by 8). It’s been a long journey thus far and I am only just beginning (just 4 years in) but most of my mileage has been caused by my own unwilling fleshy tendencies.

*I will elaborate on these “tendencies” and other portions of my journey thus far in the posts to come ūüėÄ until then, be blessed!


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Lessons from Eagles


like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them on its pinions.

Deuteronomy 32:11 NIV

An eagle makes its nest high on rocky ledges, because of the “hardness” of it all they look for feathers, fur etc to use as padding for their nests in order to keep the eaglets comfy when they hatch.¬† As the eaglets grow stronger and are becoming ready to leave the nest, slowly the mother eagle begins to push the “stuffing” out of the nest making it less and less comfortable.¬† Eventually, the mother eagle takes the baby up in her claws high high into the sky, then……she DROPS it.¬†¬† In an apparent attempt to kill her¬† baby, she is in fact teaching it to fly.¬† She swoops down catches the baby eagle long before it would hit the ground, up ,up , up they go again where she drops the baby again and again repeating this “teaching method” several times.¬† Finally, the baby eagle spreads it wings and soars, thus achieving the ultimate goal of the mother who had spent so much time on these flying lessons.

Lord help us homeschooling mothers, we all so often forget the lesson that the eagle teaches.  We so often find ourselves trying to keep the nest comfy forever rather than slowly but surely teaching our children to be more and more independent.  We protect them from everything, feeling righteous in doing so, even the life experiences they need in order to grow mature.

We homeschoolers, and really parents in general, seem to forget that our goal is not to keep our children forever, but to teach them to be independent.¬† We are so busy training our child on the way that he should go, we often forget that the scripture really says to train UP the child….not just train the child.¬† I must confess, the idea of my little ones “leaving the nest” does not make me leap for joy….I love them, I want them to always be my little babies. God given knowledge tells me, this is not God’s plan.¬† God has entrusted these lives to me, I must teach them of him, I must walk upright before them, I must teach them the academics they need to survive in the world, and then…...I have to take them up high high high…..and DROP them…over and over…..I must teach them to fly.¬† Just like the eagle, if I fail to teach my children to “fly” my child will not make it.¬† I must, there is no choice.¬† I must be the one who takes them up to that scary height and then be the one who drops them over and over.¬† I must be the one who teaches them not only the soft and comfortable lessons of life, but also the hard and scary ones.¬† If I don’t, then I have failed.

Why does parenting have to be such a hard job!?¬† I’m sure our heavenly father often asks the same question.¬† I think parenting and homeschooling could be counted as the greatest joy and at the same time the greatest challenge of my life.¬† I desperately want to protect my children from all harm, and at the same time I realize…..I am incapable of protecting them completely.¬† There are times, and those will become more frequent as they grow older, that I simply am not and cannot be capable of fully protecting them!¬† Currently at 9 and 7 years old they both wear the badge of scratches, scrapes, bruises, and scars…..evidence of my inability to protect them fully.¬† So what is one to do!?¬† First things first, we must pray.….without ceasing!¬† The prayer of the righteous availeth much, that is for certain.¬† Pray over all things, education, friendships, activities, future relationships and spouses, their children and generations after them…..pray over all things.¬† God said that he hears our prayers, in fact he said that he hears us before we call, and he answers before we finish speaking!¬†¬† Step two…..faith.¬† Prayer without faith is as useless as a lightbulb with no electricity!¬† If you are lacking in faith….pray for it to grow!¬† If you have great faith, pray for great perseverance in faith…..faith is the key to the kingdom.¬† Step 3¬† works.¬† Works alone will get you nowhere, but faith without works is dead.¬† You must pray in faith, then you must go forth and walk it out and work it out.¬† Just as you would not simply pray for a well to spring up in the desert and then sit by idly dehydrating to death, you should not pray for miracles without seeking them out!¬† When you pray for that well, be ready to dig it!¬† These are the lessons we should be teaching our children as well.


to be continued……..


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His Grace….Why Won’t We Let It Be Sufficient Pt.2

So, you’ve read my list…..you might say “well…that is alot, I could see why you might have a bad case of the “Martha’s”. ¬†There’s this thing though…..God said ¬†“My grace is sufficient, in weakness my strength is made perfect”. ¬†The End….he didn’t add any conditions or stipulations…..his grace is sufficient…..EVEN in all of those situations I listed. ¬†So what is my deal then? ¬† Well….here goes nothing…..be ready, this is going to be brutal honesty.

His grace IS sufficient…….but sometimes, I refuse his grace in favor of pity parties, anger, pouting, and disgust. ¬†His grace IS sufficient, but I have to RECEIVE that grace…..it’s a choice you make ya know.

That wasn’t my whole list, I saved this bit for last.

My son finally did get his growth hormone treatments….and they’re working marvelously. ¬†He also got another diagnosis……Auditory Processing Disorder/Language Processing Disorder. ¬†He has a learning disability…..and yet, ye is marvelously gifted in math, science, and history. ¬†It did however take FOREEEVVVVVER to teach this kid to read! ¬†Now he reads beautifully, but his comprehension is weak (but growing).

My daughter—miraculously HEALED of her growth hormone deficiency is growing fine and with no treatment.

Now back on topic.

HIS GRACE….IS PLENTY SUFFICIENT….but sometimes, we actively refuse grace because we are angry, hurt, sad, pouting, and having a pity party for ourselves that we think we are entitled to. ¬† SURE, we want the grace……but FIRST we want to feel JUSTIFIED in being angry, hurt, sad, pouty, and pity partying. ¬†Too bad that scenario isn’t very pleasing to the Lord. ¬†Now I’m not saying, that God isn’t omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent……but I am gonna stake a bet that he does NOT attend pity parties……I don’t think that would be his cup of tea, I just don’t. ¬†I really think that he would be a party crasher….tell you to get OVER YOURSELF…..and GET HUMBLED…..so that HE CAN PERFECT HIS STRENGTH THROUGH YOUR WEAKNESSES.

That’s the thing I struggle with…..getting over myself. ¬†I think I, and most Christians, have this sense of “entitlement”…well by georgey WE are the children of a king, our father has 10,000 cattle on the hillside, we’re gonna live in mansions we don’t have to build, we’re the victors…never victims. ¬†Our tests, they’re just testimonies in waiting, and our messes are just messages in the works. ¬†Who said that it was going to be EASY though?

Homeschooling is NOT easy, but HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT……if you’ll ALLOW it to be. ¬†Don’t refuse his grace in favor of pity parties, anger, self hatred, fear, failure, and discontent. ¬† ¬†Life is NOT easy, but HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT…..if you will ALLOW it to be. ¬†Don’t refuse his grace in favor of ¬†self……or you’ll find yourself coming down with a bad case of “THE MARTHA’S”….and let me tell you from firsthand experience, it’s a HARD cycle to break once it begins.

Do you suffer from “MARTHA SYNDROME” ¬† OR ¬†“BUT LORDS”…….there is a cure…..so take heart!


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